Are You #TeamBetty or #TeamVeronica? Latest on Betty & Veronica!

Are You #TeamBetty or #TeamVeronica? Latest on Betty & Veronica!


Ahead of this week’s SDCC and Archie Comics’ release of Adam Hughes’ “Betty & Veronica”, it’s a big moment in the lives of Riverdale’s two leading ladies.

Betty and Veronica are easily two of the most recognizable and iconic of pop-culture leading ladies.  Their misadventures in Riverdale are just as popular as a certain Man of Steel’s in Metropolis.  With the relaunch of “Archie” by Mark Waid and Fiona Staples last year, and following the spin-off “Jughead” by Chip Zdarsky and Erica Henderson, it was only time that Betty and Veronica got their own title.  Some time ago it was reported that comic book superstar Adam Hughes would be the main creative force behind Archie Comics’ latest spin-off, “Betty & Veronica“, and fans naturally went wild (as did I)!

Riverdale Merch!

This week is the major comic-book/movie/television pop-culture expo – San Diego Comic Con and there’s a lot to expect from it regarding Archie, The CW’s Riverdale, and “Betty & Veronica.”  First up is the news that Archie Comics and ReedPOP have teamed up to create new Riverdale inspired merchandise.  Available at SDCC only, fans attending will have the opportunity to pick up #TeamBetty and/or #TeamVeronica shirts, along with with a shirt that reads “Betty & Veronica” featuring the artwork of Adam Hughes.  All shirts will be available at the Archie Comics Booth #1829 for $25.  There will also be lanyards as well which will sell for $5 each.

The series returns…

This week also sees the release of issue one of Adam Hughes’ “Betty & Veronica” series and based on the preview art we’ve seen, it looks just as great as Waid’s “Archie” and Zdarsky’s “Jughead”.  Keeping in tone with the more hip and modern approach to comic books, Adam Hughes’ writing is just as punchy and fun as Mark Waid’s.  And the art?  There’s a reason Hughes’ Wonder Woman and Catwoman covers are so popular.  Hughes’ Betty Cooper is right in line with how she was reinvented as more of a gear head/grease monkey/tom boy in Mark Waid’s “Archie” issue 1.  She’s “bright, blonde” and has muscles!  A normal trade mark of Adam Hughes’ comic-book woman.

BETTY-and-VERONICA-01-pg04 (1)

Veronica Lodge is “cool, brunette” and just as stuck up as ever.  It’s going to be a lot of fun seeing these two ladies constantly go head to head in this new series, along with seeing how they interact with Archie and Jughead.  Oh, and don’t ever forget Veronica’s advice:

“Don’t forget to hydrate! It makes your skin look twenty-ish when you don’t get enough water.”


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“Betty & Veronica” is out this Wednesday, July 20th.  To find you nearest comic book shop, please visit comicshoplocator.

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