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TBT Toy Review: NECA Sin City Gail Action Figure



Everyone that attended the Neca panel at New Jersey Comic Expo last week were given a Frank Miller’s Sin City action figure from series one.  We got the variant action figure of Gail which is the colorized one, not the black and white version.  When Frank Miller’s Sin City opened in April 2005, the film was embraced by Neca with a fantastic line of action figures.  They did very well and went on for a few series.  I collected most of them as a fan of the film and Gail was one of the first figures I got back when they released at specialty shops like Suncoast Video and FYE.  Here we are, ten years after, with the Gail (Rosario Dawson) action figure from Frank Miller’s Sin City.

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The packaging for the Sin City line of action figures retain the original bubble packaging that early Neca figures came in.  Only recently have they switched over to more traditional window box and cards to offer a more collector friendly action figure.  The packaging for the Sin City line of action figures still stands out as one of the more eye-catching of packages, with packaging/illustrations given credit to Brian Roll.  The back of the package insert mimics the original character one-sheets and features a bio written by Frank Miller.

Gail.  She’s the boss.  Beautiful.  Merciless.  Any of the Old Town girls are hair-trigger ready to die – or to kill – for her.  And they wind up doing both.  Plenty of both.

20151126_104605The action figure of Gail, sculpted by Dave Cortes, captures Rosario Dawson amazingly well.  The sculpts on all of the Sin City figures were superb and offered the perfect size collectibles for fans of the film and comic.  The actual figure of Gail is not unlike the McFarlane action figures.  The mold and sculpt are excellent, but articulation is extremely limited.  Gail features 9 points of articulation based in the neck, arms, hands, and feet.  Her legs are one solid mold and fixed in a position to capture her “beautiful [and]merciless” swagger.

What’s really impressive about Gail is the paint application.  There are countless miniature details on her Old Town outfit.  Be it the straps, studs, leather, or chainmail, each aspect is perfectly painted and sculpted.

The Sin City action figure of Gail also comes with two accessories – an uzi and handcuffs.  The uzi fits in her right hand perfectly without having to force it.  The handcuffs could either be held in her right hand, or be looped slightly over her left hand.  Gail also comes with a base that her left heel could slip into for extra balance.

Neca made some of the best action figures and collectibles for 2005’s Sin City movie and the Gail action figure is a perfect representation of the line.

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