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Tales of Mr Rhee – Get The Hardcover!


I have been a huge fan of The Tales of Mr Rhee ever since I picked up a copy from Dirk Manning himself at NYCC years ago.  I’d write you a review of the character and the series but I feel I’ve already said what I could say in a previous review. Instead of redirecting you there are excerpt it here:

(W)hen Mr. Rhee was younger he got involved in some bad magic and wound up marked and stalked for life by a demon he summoned.

Does he curl up in a little ball? When the rapture/invasion occurs does he run and hide? No he treads through the post-rapture world helping where he can, though as they say if you need his help it’s probably already too late.

This is a great character who’s been placed in some really rough situations. The plots Manning pens are sometimes horrifying, often hopeless, but his hero soldiers on. Admittedly when I first started reading (with no prior knowledge of the character and his world) I found myself scoffing at his resolve. How could anyone keep going through these adventures? But after I learned his background, and whether you read the collected volume one or the first issue of this new mini series you will get enough background, I realized that this was a seriously damaged and seriously repentant man. I don’t want to spoil this story for you but suffice to say his “teacher” in the dark arts was scum, and the things Michael went through in his care are truly horrifying.

I can’t recommend this series strongly enough. In this chapter of his life Mr Rhee has been through more than even he should be able to handle. An attempt to “cure” him of his trauma resulting from the rapture having occurred and the treatment was much harsher that the ailment. But luckily he was saved and now is enjoying a new relationship and a new angle on his mission. But are the people he’s aligning himself with really out to save humanity? Or are they zealots? Jump in and join Mr Rhee and Those Who Fight Monsters, decide for yourself which monsters are worth fighting…

Hell invaded Earth for three days – and then it suddenly stopped. Or did it? Mr. Rhee knows there are still monsters left behind among the survivors of the “Three Days of Darkness,” and he’s willing to take extreme measures to prove the world is not as safe as it seems. Who can you trust in a post-rapture world? Only Mr. Rhee knows for sure… or does he?

The Kickstarter is doing gangbusters, which means you are pretty much guaranteed to get what you pledge for I’ve backed Dirk Manning projects before and he hasn’t let me down.

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