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Tailwands #2 – The Adventure Continues!


Late last year, I was lucky enough to get a chance to read Tailwands, an all-ages fantasy/steampunk adventure book from Hashtag Comics. If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, there’s time to remedy that, and while you’re at it, I strongly suggest you pick yourself up a copy of the newest Tailwands Adventure, “Kaya’s Journey Begins, Vol. 2”!

 Tailwands #2 - The Adventure Continues!

When we last saw Kaya and her brother, Jak, Kaya had just received her elemental gifts in a ceremony, but something came back with her. The latest issue starts off with Jak working with Kaya to develop her gift, to channel and control her power – and Kaya may be just a bit more adept than Jak expects! An emergency distracts the siblings from their practice and may force them into a situation they’re not ready for.

We get some backstory about the Guardian Wars, the history of the land, the owls sworn to protect it, and how magic came to be so closely tied to the land and the animal inhabitants. We also see some dark doings set in motion, giving readers another well-rounded, expertly crafted story.


I can’t say enough great things about Tailwands. This is what Summer Reading is all about – epic tales, magic, fantasy, good vs. evil, an element of fun, and art that grabs your eye and draws you into the fun. This series is one that kids and adults alike will come back to again and again. Put this book on your shelf with your Brian Jacques and Kathryn Lasky books, and everyone wins.


Writer: Dustin Holifer
Artist: Morgan Rae Myers
Inks: Ryan English
Colorist: Rob Torres
Letterer: Magnus
Publisher: Hashtag Comics
Price: $7.99

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