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Tabletop Gaming meets Girl Power with Monarch and Dead Scare!


I’ve written recently about my foray into tabletop gaming, mostly courtesy of my 11 year-old son. A great place to discover new games, I’m learning more and more, is Kickstarter. It’s where I discovered Eagle-Gryphon games, for instance. With Kickstarter, you’re not only getting a glimpse at games in the making, but you help make them happen. What can be cooler than that?

I recently came across two Kickstarters for tabletop games – one is a board game, the other an RPG – both conceived of by women and starring women. I love this Girl Power aspect, only because – no Gamergate foolishness here, please – the scenarios involved in each game bring a unique perspective when seen through the eyes of a woman.

The first, Monarch, is all about female heirs to a throne, and depends not so much on brawn, but brains – you and your sisters need to prove your worthiness through intelligence, compassion, bravery and strength as leaders, in order to ascend the throne.

Tabletop Gaming meets Girl Power with Monarch and Dead Scare!

We’ve heard all about warrior kings throughout history, from Alexander the Great to Henry V and beyond, but where are the queens? Yes, yes, we’ve got Elizabeth I – and thank goodness for that – but where are all the stories about Boudicca? Eleanor of Aquitaine? Why don’t more people remember Cleopatra for more than her love life (and fabulous eye makeup)? Games like Monarch will hopefully get people checking out the history books again, and rediscovering the badass females of history (they will in my library).

Dead Scare is an RPG (roleplaying game) that I am beyond excited for. It’s the zombie apocalypse. Taking place in 1950s America – the heart of McCarthyism – and women and children are left to fend for themselves. The American Dream is gone, a blood-spattered mess at your door. Time to pull yourself up by your apron strings, sharpen your spatulas, and swing that meat cleaver, ladies. Your children’s lives depend on it!



Let’s support women who get things done – if you’re into gaming, or are interested in starting to game, consider supporting these Kickstarters! Dead Scare ends in 7 days, and Monarch, in 11. They’re so close to their goals – give them a push, and get some great rewards that go beyond your gaming table.

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