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TableTop Gamers – Are You Ready for MUNCHKIN WORLD NYC?


Gamers of all ages! If you haven’t played Steve Jackson Games’ Munchkin card game series, you are missing out. Any game whose objectives are to “Kill the monsters. Steal the treasure. Stab your buddy” is a game we all need to be playing, and Munchkin allows you to do all that, whether you’re a zombie, in space, or fighting elder gods. My son, Alex, introduced me to Munchkin about a year ago, and I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s all-ages awesomeness, and a great way to have a bond with your kids, while getting some issues out on the table. (“Remember how I asked you 4 times to take out the garbage? EAT ZOMBIE, KID.”)

TableTop Gamers - Are You Ready for MUNCHKIN WORLD NYC?

For any tabletop gamers-or parents of tabletop gamers in my case, as Alex is on a Wil Wheaton-level of gamer compared to me-mark Valentine’s Day weekend, February 13-15, on your calendar. My not-so-pint-sized Valentine and I will be at Munchkin World NYC, a pop-up store opening up in NYC (I’m hoping it’s a test site for a more permanent residence). The entire weekend will be a whirlwind of Munchkin invitational gaming, goodies and peeks at new releases, and signings by Steve Jackson, Munchkin Czar Andrew Hackard, and artist John Kovalic, who older-school gamers will remember from his Dungeons & Dragons-influenced comic strip, The Dork Tower!

Munchkin World will be happening at 353 West 46th Street in New York. Schedule is forthcoming, keep your eyes on WhatchaReading in the meantime. And feast your eyes on some of the great Munchkin modules right here:

munchkin-box-art munchkin zombie

munchkin pathfinder munchkin fu munchkin apocolypse

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