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Surface Tension #1 – The Tension Breaks Wednesday 5/27


Surface-Tension_01_Cover_BComic books are a matter of taste. Some people can’t get past the format, some say it’s the subject matter. To the second group I say bull. Comic books are not a genre, they are a medium. Every comic isn’t about superheroes any more than every novel is about Sherlock Holmes or Christian Grey.

That being said I had passed on Surface Tension. While it’s true I love comics and there are so many types I enjoy I just didn’t get a pick me up and read me vibe from this one. But Titan has put a lot of effort into marketing it so I thought it only fair that I give it a read.

Writer/Artist Jay Gunn has brought us a tale of the Earth and the steps someone (or something) will take to save it from its current path. When giant corals rise in the oceans everyone has questions but when 99% of the population begins walking into the oceans never to return the world grinds to a halt. One small British Island survives by putting the past behind them living day by day, that is until two people wash ashore. They’re alive! They’re blue? And they have no memory of the past year they’ve been gone, or how they’ve survived.

Billed as being perfect for fans of The Walking Dead, The Day of the Triffids, and Invasion of the Body Snatchers this book has a really weird vibe, part fable, part sci-fi thriller. The art has a surreal creepy quality, the creatures (yup there are weird creatures from the sea) and the depictions of “the sea-sickness” that caused people to go into the sea are very organic, almost liquid like. The writing is solid, issue one starts slow a definite intro issue, but it builds to quite a few good reveals. The story unfolds neatly bringing us in with personal anecdotes and flashbacks filling in the details of “the sea-sickness” and the year that’s passed.

Surface_Tension_PREVIEW2 Surface_Tension_PREVIEW3

If you’re a comic book reader who enjoys books like Revival, Echo, Rachel Rising this book is definitely your style. I’m interested to see if Jay Gunn answers all the questions he poses in this opening issue, if he can pull it off this will be one hell of a series. What do you think? Is this the kind of book you’ll give a shot? Let us know in the comments…

PUBLISHER: Titan Comics
​ ​1 (OF 5)
PRICE: $3.99
​ay​ 27


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  1. Chuck, you know me. I have not collected in well over 25 years. This review has me intrigued by this book and since I am only two blocks from Midtown comics, I will pick one up.

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