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Superman/Wonder Woman A Powerful Power Couple!

The kiss that launched a comic series.

The kiss that launched a comic series.

It’s no secret to anyone who has ever come in contact with me, even virtually, that I am a huge Wonder Woman fan. I have her symbol tattooed on my shoulder, I have every one of her comics since the early sixties as well as quite a collection of her action figures and statues.  Many would think I would be supportive of her relationship with Superman. Who better to suit her strength and character than the Boy Scout himself?

In truth, I’m not a fan of the coupling. Well that’s not completely true. I love them in Elseworlds type stories, like Kingdom Come. I think they do have a fascinating dynamic and I think there are few male characters in the DC universe who are anywhere near strong enough to stand with her as a romantic partner. The problem is, if they stand together, who can stand against them? You have two of the most powerful beings in the universe, there simply aren’t enough powerful villains to give them a challenge in a monthly book.

Quite a pantheon for both of them yet none are all that challenging when they're together.

Quite a pantheon for both of them yet none are all that challenging when they’re together.

Three issues in and we’ve already run into Doomsday and Zod. Where can you go but down from there? In fact the biggest challenge to Superman and Wonder Woman is their culture clash. He needs to keep everything secret between them, as it’s how he’s lived his life all along but she doesn’t feel the same need,

“We Amazons celebrate our uniqueness–our power–and the rest of the world be damned.”

Of course the idea is that they will learn from each other and come to a place that works for both of them as we all do in good relationships. The relationship and it’s challenges are the strongest thing in the book at the moment, which is ironic, as it was said that it would not be a “relationship book” when the title was first announced.

I worry that Superman loses something of his humanity without Lois. The myth of Superman was always how he was more human than most of us because of his simple and honest upbringing. Diana was raised to be a warrior princess. She knows better than us and if you don’t accept her path of peace she will kick your ass. She never hesitates to kill if that’s what is necessary and she is sorry for it but has no regret.  The recent Injustice mini-series (a prologue to the video game) shows just how dangerous an influence she can be on Clark if things go pear shaped. Lois always served as a reminder, an anchor if you will, to Clark’s humanity. Diana wants to bring out his inner warrior.

There is always backlash because of Wonder Woman’s status as a feminist icon. This cover brought some very strong feelings against DC’s handling of it’s female member of the holy trinity:

You know what they just finished doing.

You know what they just finished doing.

I can’t get behind that kind of backlash. Superman’s topless for heaven’s sake and look at those abs…sorry I got lost for a second. Seriously though Wonder Woman likes sex, Super Sex to be exact and she’s hot as hell. I just don’t see that as diminishing in the context of the book.

I enjoying the series? Well, yes I am. It’s well written, the art is excellent and I love seeing WW outside of her own book. There’s plenty of conflict to play with and it’s been a long time since we’ve seen Diana as the fish out of water that she is in man’s world. Her Christmas shopping in issue 3 was a nice window into that.

For Superman/Wonder Woman as a series I give it 4 out of 5. For the coupling in the long run we shall see.

Superman/Wonder Woman
Writer: Soule, Charles
Artist: Daniel, Tony S.
Cover Artist: Daniel, Tony S.
On Sale: February 12, 2014
Publisher: DC Comics
Diamond Id: DEC130235
Format: COMIC
Price: $3.99
UPC: 76194131848600511

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  1. I worry that Superman loses something of his humanity without Lois.

    See this is where Morrison corrected this I would say in Action as he went to pains to show Clark’s nurturing and parents grounded him and to some extent his inherent instincts to do right as well as the sacrifice by his biological parents. As Batman said HE sees himself as a human who can do exceptional things. It is in his choices and what he does and how he lives. Clark is grounded by himself. Never has been defined by Lois what he does or how he does it. No love interest, not even Diana can do that. It is for Clark himself. It’s kinda diluting who Superman is to say he needs one love interest to make him be heroic or even value humans. For decades Superman never needed any emotional tethers to value his home. I sure hope they keep it as the man and hero makes him who he is. On a side note being human isn’t all that seeing what we are capable of. Being just, kind and humane and compassionate is not a trait particular to humans too in the DCU. It’s a big universe and populated with beings that would put humans to shame when it comes to love and tolerance.

    But yeah, agree with the other stuff.

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