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Superman vs Spider-man Teaser?


Is it a Superman vs Spider-man Teaser?

Secret Wars issue 8 was recently solicited and with it came the latest Alex Ross cover.  One of the first aspects many eagle-eyed fans caught was the inclusion of the classic Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man cover.  Much like Convergence, Secret Wars has encompassed the complete history of Marvel.  With it, we get the acknowledgement that some of the most fun moments are still canon.

Superman vs Spider-man Teaser?

Seeing the inclusion of the cover by Carmine Infantino into the patchwork of essential moments for Marvel has made this fan really happy.  There’s long been rumors that Clark Kent/ Superman has secretly been a part of the Marvel Universe for years, it’s just that he’s normally presented as the reporter and not the Man of Steel.  I do enjoy Alex Ross’ art and I think that it is, undeniably, a subtle homage to when DC and Marvel crossed.

Do you see it? The pose? The boot?

While I’m a resident fan of Superman at What’cha Reading, I do enjoy Marvel, as well.  I’m looking forward to Secret Wars issue 8 and I’m all for more homages to one another.  If heroes exist together and co-exist in comic shops and book stores, then why can’t they do that in the actual series?  I think it may be time for another Marvel meets DC crossover.

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