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Superman The Man of Steel Statues Review.


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This past week saw the release of the latest Superman The Man of Steel statue.  The current addition to the two year old line features a design by Cully Hamner and a sculpt by Keith Kopinski.  Superman The Man of Steel is a line of statues that started in 2013.  Distributed by DC Collectibles, the Superman line is the perfect complimentary answer to the long running Batman Black and White statue line.  Each statue reflects a different design by a featured artist and is the perfect addition to any Superman and/or DC Comics fan collection.  As a Superman fan and collector, I was sure to take home and unbox the Superman by Cully Hamner statue and add it to my already expansive line of the Man of Steel collectibles.

For those that enjoy higher end collectibles, but feel that Sideshow Collectibles sixth-scale and premium format figures are a little out of their price range, I’d say that DC Collectibles have presented fans with a more affordable option.  They’ve released many great statues over the years and their Batman Black and White, Superman The Man of Steel, and Wonder Woman The Art of War statues are among their finest work.  Most of their statues range from $79.99 to $125, with a few coming in at just under $200.  DC Collectibles line of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman themes statues are also pretty small with most under 10″ high.  For those with issues pertaining towards space, you’d be hard pressed not to find a suitable area within your home or office for a DC Collectibles statue.

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Over the Summer we had the release of Superman based on the artwork created by John Romita Jr. and Superman designed by Cully Hamner.  Both are terrific representations of Superman as he appears within the New 52 framework and measure 7″ high.  Again, they do not take up much space and are also relatively light.  I have one shelf in my IKEA Detolf case filled with the New 52 version of Superman statues as presented within The Man of Steel line of statues.  The paint work, detail, and sculpting are always impressive and the Cully Hamner statue is no exception.  Sculptor Keith Kopinski has captured the nuance of every detail of Cully Hamner’s Superman design right down to the angular chin and linework on the costume.  The finer details of the statue are worth noting, especially as smaller scale normally sacrifices details and paint.  As for the paint application, the blues, reds, and yellows are vibrant enough to do justice by the look of the New 52 redesign.

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It’s interesting to look at both Cully Hamner and John Romita Jr.’s statues side by side.  Cully Hamner is the artist alongside Jim Lee who helped redesign the costumes for the New 52.  The Cully Hamner statue seems bulkier with broader shoulders and more of a v-taper whereas John Romita Jr.’s Superman is noticeably slimmer.  John Romita Jr.’s statue also favors a more minimalist approach with the piping on the costume whereas you’ll notice more detail on Cully Hamner’s Superman.

There is not much to critique about the DC Collectibles line of statues, but I would like to point out that they are delicate so handle with care.  With the Cully Hamner statue, the statue does stand unbalanced with one foot placed in the base and the other slightly hovering.  Certain statue collectors may take issue with this, but it’s so minor that for me it’s not a problem.  However, with the John Romita Jr. Superman statue, several of the statues reportedly had chipped pieces of hair.  I did not have an issue with the statue and was certain to open as carefully as possibly, but for those looking for this piece please take note of this.  Other than that, the John Romita Jr. statue is a great representation of one of the earliest looks fans had at JRJR’s Superman.


If you’re a fan of Superman, I must say that these two current statues are worth adding to the collection.  DC Collectibles continually releases great products for fans and offers a wide variety to choose from.  Both Superman The Man of Steel statues retail at $79.99 and are available now.

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