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Review – Superman #1 – George Perez (Script & Breakdowns) Jesus Merino (Pencils & Inks)


Superman #1  – George Perez (Script & Breakdowns) Jesus Merino (Pencils & Inks)

Is there a more iconic figure, the tights, the cape, the S emblazoned on his chest! Woman love him! Men want to be him! I haven’t really been a big fan of Superman, with two notable exceptions Superman: Earth One from  J. Michael Straczynski the book I believe should be made canon and All Star Superman by Grant Morrison which was as brilliant as it was beautiful. Its always been hard for me to root for someone who is for all intents and purposes a god. I’m sure it was different at the start, leaping over buildings being faster than a speeding bullet but as time went on it was almost silly. Whatever the problem somehow he always pulls it out and we all know he will.
New 52’s Superman is younger, his outfit is kind of a leather-ish looking thing. They didn’t change it a lot. The colors, the cape and the S are all still there. Issue #1 isn’t an origin story, which was a relief.
The first issue finds us in Metropolis during a time of big change in the lives of all our old friends. Lois, Perry, Jimmy, Clark even The Daily Planet are facing the end of an era. That would’ve probably been enough, Clark/Superman being petulant and holier than thou, Lois bashing heads with him and missing his attraction to her while the rest of the cast just revolves around them. But guess what? There was a monster! That no one else could handle! The line “This is a job for Superman” was even used.
The art was really great, the story predictable. I just wasn’t pulled in by it. I wanted to be but I just, wasn’t. Definitely not a title I’ll be following.

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