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Supergirl Takes Flight – CBS Show Premiere Date


Supergirl Takes Flight - CBS Show Premiere Date

Through a clever announcement video on Twitter, CBS’s Supergirl has set its premiere date for October 26th.  The new series, starring Melissa Benoist, will debut at a special time on Monday (8:30 to 9:30 PM ET) while switching to its regular schedule (8 to 9 PM ET) on Monday, November 2nd.  Supergirl will still be going head to head with FOX’s Gotham.  “Batman v. Superman” anyone?


The announcement on Twitter features a 12 second reveal of Melissa Benoist holding a card that reads: 10/26/15, which she then drops to her side, revealing the 26 year old in the Supergirl costume.  If you haven’t been sold on CBS’s DC Comics based series yet, trust me, you’ll believe this girl can fly!  Melissa Benoist brings a sweet, girlish, heroic, and wholesome charm to Kara Zor El; a necessary quality for anyone bringing to life such an iconic member of The Super Family.

Image via DC Comics. Art by Bruce Timm.

While Supergirl the movie came out a few years before I was born (I caught it early on VHS), the Supergirl of Superman: The Animated Series was the version I called my own.  She had heart, she was tough, Jimmy Olsen had a crush on her and that was all I needed to believe in the character originally created by Otto Binder, Al Plastino, and Curt Swan.  Let’s not forget that Bruce Timm brought her to life through his endearing animation.  Melissa Benoist seems as if she’s tapping into that version, moreso than the more sexually aware version from The CW’s Smallville.

CBS’s pilot apparently leaked a few weeks back, but if you’re like us at What’cha Reading, I think this series will be better enjoyed when watched the way Supergirl would prefer – in the home, with family and friends, and legally.  With the Monday, October 26th premiere set, we don’t have too much longer to wait.  Here’s hoping that New York Comic Con has a presentation for the series!




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