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It’s Supergirl! First Look at Melissa Benoist.


Warner Bros. Television and Berlanti Productions started filming the CBC series “Supergirl.” The first photos of Melissa Benoist as Kara Zor-El were released yesterday and it’s no surprise that the she looks great!

It's Supergirl! First Look at Melissa Benoist.

The costume, shares a darker hue more akin to “Man of Steel”, but retains the same aesthetic from the comic books.  Three-time Oscar Winner Colleen Atwood (Alice in Wonderland, Memoirs of a Geisha, Chicago) is no stranger to designing superhero costumes as she is the one responsible for the looks of CW’s “The Flash” and “Arrow.”  When asked about the costume, Atwood said “In designing Supergirl, I wanted to embrace the past, but more importantly, thrust her into the street-style action of today.”


We think the suit looks great and are very excited to see what comes of this show.  In the meantime, we wish all the best to Melissa Benoist as she takes on one of DC Comics most iconic of superheroes!


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