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“Our Super Mom” Shows Family Life Can be Super, Even If You’re Not!


I love comic conventions! As I cover more and more of them I realize there is an immense amount of stuff out there that we miss every month. Book after book that would love to find a wider audience, and so many that should. Scottcomics “Our Super Mom” is one that should.

"Our Super Mom" Shows Family Life Can be Super, Even If You're Not! We’ve seen more than a few “What If [insert superhero]Got Married!” comics, and they range in tone from the farce to the traumatic, from the Babysitting Super-Daddy to the ultra-violent super villain coming for the family. The only book that I’ve read that tried to discuss the day-to-day married with kids life was the Fantastic Four. And it seemed fairly straight-forward to have a “Super Family” comic. The world’s in danger! Do we bring the kids this time? It’s The Incredibles in a nutshell. But to attempt to address the differences of the super/normal relationship would be a much more daunting task, and one with a million possible storylines.

I would even go as far as to say that most marriages have a subtle parallel to that super/normal dichotomy. Bear with me, I’ve got a theory… If you have a fairly amicable marriage (like some I know) you go through moments where either one of you assumes the role of the superhero. If things are going really well at work for one spouse but not the other, if the house is running like a Swiss watch but the career isn’t, it’s very easy to feel “less than super” at times. This is one of the things Super Mom touches on that I enjoyed.

Leon and Liza are a happily married couple, two kids, house, car the whole nine yards. The interesting twist is that Leon is a writer and stay at home dad while Liza is the (semi) retired superhero Paragon. This could have easily been a one-joke premise, inadequate husband lives in superhero wife’s shadow but the book doesn’t work that way. Leon is a best-selling author, with a book having been optioned into a very successful television series, so the celebrity levels between the two are fairly balanced.

While “Our Super Mom” is an all ages title so the drama shouldn’t be all that heavy, and my eight-year-old did give it a thumbs up for young readers (6 and up), there is a parental appeal. The issue number one I bought at Special Edition: NYC dealt with a normal day, a day where Liza shows off some super-powers in order to handle a bathroom emergency, she and Leon also deal with a breakfast meltdown, writer’s block, laundry, and a global crisis. And none of those problems give you a clue as to what they’ll face in the last few pages.

Our Super Mom is a webcomic, a digital download, and a print comic. The series is on its sixth issue, the webcomic updates Monday/Friday and comiXology has 5 issues for sale right now. There are multiple sites that carry it digitally, and the trade is available through B&N and Amazon.

Based solely on issue one I’m giving Our Super Mom a 4 out of 5, it has a well executed above average concept, with strong art, and I can share it with my kids. Total win.

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