Sunday (web)Comics looks at SHADOWBINDERS - Steampunk, Romance, Adventure, and a Kickstarter! ~ What'cha Reading?

Sunday (web)Comics looks at SHADOWBINDERS – Steampunk, Romance, Adventure, and a Kickstarter!


Yes – I know it’s not Sunday. I was a bit over my head yesterday, but going forward, you can expect a Sunday webcomic review from me (moved from Webcomic Wednesday – because we’re all reading our new comics that day, anyway). This week, I have to talk about a webcomic that I’ve mentioned and supported in the past – the steampunk YA adventure, Shadowbinders. Written by Kambrea Pratt and drawn by Thom Pratt, I first “met” this series late last year and I’ve been hooked. I was lucky enough to meet Thom at NYCC and get a signed copy of their first omnibus, too. But let’s talk about Shadowbinders, shall we?


Shadowbinders is a YA steampunk fantasy with magic, romance, and outright fun. You’ve got teenager Mia, who’s transported to the world Belatyr thanks to a magic ring she inherited from her grandfather. You’ve got Crimson Rhen – think Han Solo with magic – the arrogant mage bad-boy, who’s captain of the airship The True North. Crimson’s got his first mate, Tristan, a young orphan named Andrew Mason, and a wealthy young woman named Elaina that are all on board The True North with him, and then you have my favorite character, Winston – a “feeb”, otherwise known as a rabbit/lemur hybrid.

Shadowbinders updates a few times a week, and it’s not just about throwing an update up on the site. They tend to have explanations of the action taking place, and they’ll treat readers, from time to time, with sneak peeks of storylines and sketches in progress. We also get Mia’s Journal entries, which are written bits that give us more insight into Mia and provides a nice background to the series. It’s a well thought-out, well-loved webcomic, created by great people – and when you know the people behind it are doing what they love, don’t you want to read it even more?

The whole Shadowbinders website is a portal for fantasy fans – there’s a podcast, fantasy and sci-fi news, and even a store where you can buy the first volume of comics, printed and bound.

Bottom line: If steampunk and fantasy is your thing, hit Shadowbinders’ website and bookmark it. You won’t be sorry. Check out their comprehensive archive and just keep reading. You won’t want to stop.

Shadowbinders kicked off a Kickstarter yesterday for their second volume of stories. There are some fantastic goodies for backers – I know I added my support the second it went live – including digital delivery and original artwork. Being a lucky recipient of some of Shadowbinders original art, I can confidently say this is work you want to hang up on your wall, if you’re a comic art collector.

Check out some of the more recent Shadowbinders work, then go check out their site!

shadowbinders_334 shadowbinders_335  shadowbinders_336

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  1. Polli Hollenbaugh on

    Great article on Thom and Kam Pratt and Shadowbinders. The Kickstarter is still going on and lots of goodies are to be had. Thom’s birthday is on March 5th so, as a birthday gift to him, let’s take the Kickstarter out with a bang and send it over $15,000. Please help them out.

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