Summer 2015: Marvel's Secret Wars + DC's Convergence = AMALGAM!!! (Maybe?) ~ What'cha Reading?

Summer 2015: Marvel’s Secret Wars + DC’s Convergence = AMALGAM!!! (Maybe?)


Summer 2015: Marvel's Secret Wars + DC's Convergence = AMALGAM!!! (Maybe?)

Let me start by saying all of this is just fan speculation.  No rumors I’ve overheard. No “ins” at either of the Big Two. No secret email drop where comic company employees leave anonymous tips. I’m just a big fan of both Marvel and DC.

DeadBatmanI am even a bigger fan of giant cosmic epics, so I have followed DC’s New 52 with a keen eye for anything remotely looking like a Crisis, and have read Hickman’s full Marvel library from the beginning on FF, up to his current Incursion arcs in Avengers and New Avengers, and well, I’ve seen some things, had some ideas, and here’s what’s been rattling around my brain on the big Two’s competing, yet strangely similar story arcs.

cap deadNow, there is a long and hallowed history of Marvel and DC having not only events, but character introductions that mirrored each other, down to the month said comic came out.  Vision/Red Tornado.  Swamp Thing/Man Thing. Necrosha/Blackest Night.  Cap thought dead but lost in time/Batman thought dead and lost in time, etc, etc.  So this all could fall under that category of “coincidence”,


Is it possible that the end result of Convergence and Secret Wars will be a Marvel and DC crossover of some type by the end of the summer?


C’monnn you know you want it!

Look, both stories deal with similar subject matter:


It appears Convergence is based around a being named Telos.  Telos is a Brainiac-like collector of worlds though worlds from vanished timelines and alternate histories.  Pre-Crisis,Pre-Zero-Hour, Pre-Flashpoint characters are all due to make appearances, which of course means “big battles”. This epic event spins out of arcs  taking place in The New 52 Future’s End and Earth 2: World’s End weekly series, dealing with cross dimensional wars between Earths.


Secret Wars 2015 has the Battleworld of the original Secret Wars being reformed, but this time with chunks of alternate realities. Parts of and characters from various popular stories from Marvel’s past are pulled from their dimensions to do battle. The Ultimate Universe, Avengers vs X-men, Armor Wars, Planet Hulk, Future Imperfect and more combined into one deadly arena. The story culminates Hickman’s work in both Avengers and New Avengers, dealing with cross dimensional wars between Earths.

Both are miniseries events, with tie in miniseries exploring the various alternate worlds of each universe.

Then there are the little clues…

Like Multiversity (also ending just in time for Convergence) giving us a glimpse of Earth 7, a now extinct world similar to Marvel’s Earth with the Thunderer (an aboriginal weather-god), as well as Earth-8, home of Lord Havok and the Extremists ( remember them from Countdown a few years back ), a team of villains based on Doctor Doom, Doc Ock, Sabretooth, Magneto and Dormammu.

COUNTDOWN_PRESENTS_LORD_HAVOK_AND_THE_EXTREMISTS_1_pg_17 The-Multiversity-001-Spoilers-7 The-Multiversity-2014-001-0071 retaliators-ready-avengers-assemble-105219

Or… the Illuminati’s encounter with The Great Society during one of the world-colliding Incursions. The Great Society was an homage to DC’s classic silver age JLA with analogs of Superman, Flash, Batman, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern and Doctor Fate, battling it out against Mr. Fantastic, Black Panther, Iron Man, Namor, Hulk, Dr. Strange and The Beast.


Were these just a little testing ground for an epic battle between Marvel and DC :



Or… how about this  little tidbit:


That is Marvel’s Avengers Starbrand and Nightmask discussing The Bleed, the area between Dimensions.

As far as I know, The Bleed (as a reference to the ethereal regions between universes) was a DC exclusive term, coined by Warren Ellis during his Wildstorm days (DC purchased rights to the Wildstorm characters from Jim Lee and integrated them into the DC universe ) and was not really subject to use by other companies.

The_Bleed_003 BLEED Carrier


I know that this is just some fan-boys wishful thinking, but you have to admit there is a possibility. Sure you’d need Ray Palmer and Hank Pym to show you exactly how small that possibility is, but it’s there.

And look at the current criss-crossing of talent between the two companies, with John Romita Jr. leaving Marvel for the first time in 40 years to draw Superman, and one of the architects and pinch-writer for the New 52, Charles Soule, taking over Wolverine and Inhumans.

It might be just enough time has passed to let the bad blood settle from the last regime (well there still is that cover ripping up fiasco from a few years ago…) to allow an Amalgam like event to take place. Or at least a crossover/vs. book like the Busiek/Perez Avengers/JLA classic crossover of yesteryear.


Well a fan can dream can’t he? Either way I know I’m going to be broke come this summer.  Broke, but entertained!



Make Mine Amalgam!

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