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Straight outta BOOM!: Minty Lewis writes Regular Show!


For all you Regular Show fans, straight from BOOM!

Our KaBOOM! imprint has been publishing REGULAR SHOW for a year now and it’s official: It’s our favorite show and comic about two best bros just trying to get through their work day… with the craziest, most unexpected turns you can imagine.  

We’re happy to point out that REGULAR SHOW #13, which goes on sale next month, is a one-shot story that will be written by the show’s storyboard artist and the voice for Eileen, Minty Lewis. This is the first time ever that someone who works on the show is also working on the KaBOOM! comic series. Regular series artist Allison Strejlau provides the art for the issue.

regular show_1

In the issue, Mordecai and Rigby are put in charge of decorating the park for the annual park party and it’s the only job Benson is sure they can’t screw up. A small fire, three missing children, and a crashed blimp later, things are only going to get worse and the party hasn’t even started yet.

The on-sale date for REGULAR SHOW #13 is July 30th. The main cover for the issue is illustrated by Andy Hirsch and it retails for $3.99 under Diamond order code MAY141180. There is also a subscription-only cover by Cole Closser and a retailer incentive cover by Fellipe Martins that will be available in limited quantities.

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regular show_3
Plus, we’ve announced a new Final Order Cutoff incentive cover for retailers! Dustin Nguyen has created a fantastic four-part connecting image that will be featured on REGULAR SHOW issues #13-16. 
Retailers need to order 110% of their final orders for REGULAR SHOW #12 for REGULAR SHOW #13 in order to unlock the FOC variant for the first connecting image. The FOC deadline is July 7th.


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