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Stick Returns to Marvel’s Daredevil!


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Marvel has announced that Scott Glenn will be reprising his role as Stick for season two of Marvel’s Daredevil.  The old man is back!

While Scott Glenn appeared in only one episode in season one – “Stick”, he became a fan-favorite character for those new to the world of Daredevil and those already established with the Marvel comics.  Marvel has revealed that Stick will appear in three episodes in the upcoming season.

According to the announcement, Stick returns to Daredevil’s life right when he needs him the least!  Responsible for training young Matt and then abandoning him, Stick returns with a new mission that Matt wants no part of.

“After seeing Scott’s performance in the first season, we knew that we had to bring him back for more,” said Executive Producer / Marvel’s Head of Television Jeph Loeb. “He is an extraordinary actor and we leapt at the chance to expand on his adventures with Matt and Daredevil.”

“In some ways, Stick is to Marvel’s Daredevil what Scott Glenn has been to film and TV – a magnetic and awesome force to be reckoned with,” said Executive Producer/Showrunner Marco Ramirez. “It’s an honor to welcome him back, and the Daredevil team can’t wait to unleash Scott’s unique brand of bad-assery upon the world in Season 2.”

While no release date has been offered, season two of Marvel’s Daredevil is set for 2016.  Stay tuned for more info


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