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Steve Rogers is Back! Surprised?



Steve Rogers is Back! Surprised?

We didn’t run this last night for a few reasons. One there was a lot of cool comic book stuff going on last night, not the least of which was what I’m calling “the biggest comic book television night ever!” The CW and ABC gave their prime time hours over to comic book television and movie specials. Which I go into a lot more in our nightly newsletter.

It was truly glorious.

One of the high points for me was Marvel’s Captain America: 75 Heroic Years special. They spent an hour giving everything Cap. Interviews with every Marvel personality you could think of or want to hear from. A great tribute to a great character. And by the 45 minute mark they were extolling the virtues of handing over the shield to Falcon, the first African-American Captain. Reginald Hudlin, the writer for Black Panther, remarked that growing up had he seen a Captain America like that he would have lost his mind. That it pays it forward to the next generation, that it says to them, “You can be Captain America.”

But it starts to feel like a set up. Chloe Bennet (Agent Daisy Johnson, “Marvel’s Agents of Shield”) speaks about how important it is that he has taken that role but then ends with “its something that is totally necessary. But at the same time is it something that should be made a big deal? It feels like it should just be, normal” Right after that segment, we launch into a montage of Chris Evans suiting up, clips of him from the movies, and several people begin to talk about how he’s perfect for the role, how he is Captain America. It’s almost offhanded but when taken in context after the fact it’s pretty obvious.

So when they end the special, with a throw away one line statement about Steve returning to the comic this Spring, I was underwhelmed to say the least. We knew he was coming back, they always come back, but don’t spend 10 minutes of a special talking about how great and how important it is to have Sam Wilson in the role then break the news that Steve’s back this spring.

So it looks like the events of the sequel to Civil War, which Marvel is working on now will lead to Steve suiting up yet again. I’m sure it will be a great story, I’m sure we’ll all love it. Just seems a bit of a cheap way to announce it.

But that’s just my opinion.

CaptainAmerica_SteveRogers_Costume CaptainAmerica_SteveRogers-ShieldAction

Here’s the Marvel Press Release about the “new” Captain America book, coming this Spring.


Steve Rogers Returns as the Star-Spangled Avenger for an All-New Marvel Comics Series


New York, NY—January 20th, 2016 — This spring, Marvel’s Steve Rogers takes back the iconic moniker that gave him notoriety and returns to the mantel of Captain America with CAPTAIN AMERICA: STEVE ROGERS from writer Nick Spencer and artist Jesus Saiz.


First revealed on ABC’s “Captain America: 75 Heroic Years,” Steve Rogers will once again don the red, white, and blue and continue the adventures of Marvel’s Sentinel of Liberty in this all-new series, with an all-new mission statement while proudly carrying an all-new shield. And today, Marvel is pleased to present your first peek inside the bold new series that will take Captain America in a whole new direction!

“It’s an exciting time to be writing Captain America, for sure– this year is the character’s 75th Anniversary, not to mention the upcoming release of Marvel’s CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR. And with CIVIL WAR II approaching in the Marvel Universe, it felt like the perfect time to restore Steve Rogers to his former self,” says series writer Nick Spencer.

Recently drained of the Super Soldier Serum that gave him his strength, speed and endurance, Steve Rogers was no longer fit to wield the shield and he passed the title of Captain America to his closest ally, Sam Wilson, a.k.a. Falcon. So what happens to Sam Wilson now that Steve has returned? Enemies of freedom beware – there are now two Captain Americas protecting the people!

CAPTAIN AMERICA: STEVE ROGERS and CAPTAIN AMERICA: SAM WILSON will act as great counter-points to one another,” continues Spencer. “If you’re digging the topical, ripped-from-the-headlines approach we’re taking in Sam’s book, we’ve got plenty more of that to come. And if you’re up for a more timeless take, with Captain America facing off against Hydra and his classic rogues gallery, Steve’s book will be just the thing for you.”


The All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe is in turmoil. The threat of impeding Hydra forces grows by the day worming their way into Marvel’s Super Hero community. Anyone can be a threat, and no one is to be trusted. But what is Hydra’s ultimate goal? There is only one man who can challenge the threat of Hydra – Captain America himself – Steve Rogers!


Will his first day back on the job be his last? Find out when CAPTAIN AMERICA: STEVE ROGERS #1 arrives in comic shops and digital devices this spring!

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Written by Nick Spencer

Art by Jesus Saiz

Cover by Jesus Saiz



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