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Steve Niles and Kelley Jones mini series “Edge of Doom” released as a graphic novel!


Sometimes you get a chance to correct an oversight. This is one of those times. Steve Niles and Kelley Jones released issue one of a five issue limited series through IDW way back in October of 2010.

I remember buying it from my local comic shop, getting it home and being lost in the horror and absolute insanity. The images that come to mind when I say The Twilight Zone, Tales From the Darkside, The Outer Limits, this series is as creepy and disturbing as the most intense episodes these shows had to offer.

The covers give a good indication of what’s in store…

Each issue tells a stand alone tale of terror and ties them all together in an unbelievable finale. I’d love to tell you the story but it works so well when you read it I can’t bear to give out the details. So the trade collecting these five excellent, grim, disturbing issues came out in July of 2011, here’s an amazon link. But Chuck, this happened sixteen months ago why bring this up now? Well Steve Niles has done a wonderful thing, he’s posted a pdf version online. How much is it? Free!

Click over to his site and check it out at!

Whether you buy it from amazon, order it at your local comic shop or read it for free at Steve’s site make sure you read this. It’s a haunting, creepy, disturbingly good story!

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