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Star Wars The Force Awakens: A Review In Trailers!


This past week I went to see Star Wars The Force Awakens in IMAX 3D.  There aren’t many words I could add to JJ Abrams’ Star Wars The Force Awakens that haven’t already been written and as What’cha Reading’s resident Trekker, I’ll leave the review to resident Daisy Ridley fan, Joe Grodensky.  Stay tuned for his film review of Star Wars The Force Awakens.  Episode 7, in the popular space opera, opened globally with $517 million this weekend and if you were one of the masses watching it with anticipation in learning the whereabouts of Luke Skywalker, seeing the reunion between Han and Leia, and a new group of heroes and villains fight for the light and dark side, you probably saw a few trailers play before the iconic music of John Williams began.  Airing before the 2 hour and 16 minute film were the trailers for Star Trek Beyond, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Captain America: Civil War.

Last week saw Paramount release the first teaser trailer for July 2017’s Star Trek Beyond.  The third film in the relaunched JJ Abrams universe and thirteenth in the motion picture franchise released to a divided audience.  Editor Chuck and I spoke about it and just like the Christopher Pike and Jim Kirk relationship we’ve seen in Star Trek (2009) and Into Darkness, we had our differences.

Star Trek has always distinguished itself as the thinking persons sci-fi television.  That trailer?  Action movie tripe.  Any actor in it could’ve been replaced by Bruce Willis. – Chuck

Well, let’s agree to disagree.  I’m a big “Trekker.”  I just watched the trailer again myself.  I’ve watched it more than the BvS trailer in it’s initial release.  It reminds me a bit of an original episode with the landscape of the planet (they were always revisiting that damn rock planet) and a bit like Insurrection (which was the weakest of the films feat. Picard). – Steven

Star Trek Beyond, directed by Justin Lin of the Fast & Furious films, opens July 22, 2016.  Right now the plot is unknown, but from the looks of the trailer, Beyond looks to take the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 beyond anything they’ve encountered on the five year mission.  Idris Elba is the villain who appears to possibly be a Reman, along with potential Mummy actress Sofia Boutella in the role of an alien and ally to Capt. Kirk.

  • Star Trek Beyond features the song “Sabotage” by the Beastie Boys.  Fans of Star Trek (2009) will remember that the song plays when young Jim Kirk steals his uncle’s car in Iowa.

One of my most anticipated of films (94 days left as of 12/21/2015) is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, opening March 25, 2016.  We’ve spoken about the trailer 2 in so many different ways and across various platforms.  Taking first to Blab, Chuck and I spoke about the Batman v Superman trailer only minutes after it first aired (here & here), I then took to my Instagram account (@sherbertdowneyjr) to conduct a Q&A regarding the trailer from 10 am to 5 pm.  The results of that produced Batman v Superman: The Social Discussion which is a different and fun take on the standard trailer analysis you’ll find for just about every major blockbuster.

It was disappointing that Independence Day: Resurgence wasn’t shown, but it’s possible a trailer wasn’t yet mastered for IMAX.  Or that it just wasn’t shown in the theater I watched Star Wars The Force Awakens.  Instead, the trailers before the film concluded with the highly anticipated and buzzed about Captain America: Civil War.  No surprise that the final trailer shown and one almost everyone was guaranteed to see, as they were already inside the theater, was a film sharing the same parent company as Star Wars– Disney!

Let’s face it, we’ve studied the trailer a hundred million times.  Captain America: Civil War is going to be a huge movie when it opens May 6, 2016.  When the trailer originally aired, we presented The Captain America: Civil War Accords and wrote about Ross, Bucky, Black Panther, and the fight.

In many ways, audiences could view the Captain America: Civil War trailer, being the last to be shown, as Disney strategically saving their own for last.  Either way, ultimately as much as I enjoyed the trailers and Star Wars The Force Awakens, that new car smell seems to have dissipated.  Trailer after trailer begins to look the same with just enough excitement promised to those that are invested in the given film, along with Star Wars being fun, but not really holding anything new or different from what we’ve experienced in just about every other Marvel Cinematic Universe film.

While I give Star Wars The Force Awakens four stars, the Star Trek Beyond, Batman v Superman, and Captain America: Civil War trailers get five stars.

Stay tuned for the full Star Wars The Force Awakens review by Joe Grodensky.  In the meantime, let’s go back and watch some more of those trailers.

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