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Star Wars Rebels – This “Kids” Show is Big Adult Fun!

Star Wars Rebels - This "Kids" Show is Big Adult Fun!This Star Wars prequel series is fantastic. It’s The A-Team, The Dukes of Hazard, Rat Patrol, and god knows what else all rolled into one! (Oh wait I got it, it’s like if Serenity happened in the SW universe!) They really went in a great direction. All “new” characters, heroes and villains, which was a brilliant move. They left themselves free to explore the entirety of the Star Wars Universe. No arguments about how Han couldn’t have done that because he’s was making the Kessel Run, or Luke was still a little kid so how could this that or the other thing have happened.

The show centers around the crew of a rebel ship five years before the events of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope. Similarly to Serenity they’re smugglers, roustabouts, rebels, but they’re also “big damn heroes”… Five crew members; Ezra (the kid), Kanan (the leader & Jedi), Hera (the pilot), Zeb (the alien muscle), Sabine (the expert), Chopper (the “grumpy”, try obnoxious, droid), all with very interesting back-stories and great personal interactions. They tear around the galaxy getting in and out of trouble all while the Rebellion is getting stronger and the Empire’s tyranny spreads throughout the galaxy. It’s fun to see this universe from beyond the interactions of the Skywalker clan. And it’s very gratifying as a lifelong geek to see that the universe holds up with the addition of new characters and stories. I know there have been adventures in the Star Wars Universe beyond the movies for a long time (I read the Timothy Zahn books) but this feels fresh and strangely unencumbered by its shared past. And unlike Clone Wars, and The Yoda Chronicles it’s light-years away from common characters. If we meet anyone familiar they’re usually second tier. Even in the pilot episode, Spark of Rebellion, we only see one familiar face, Obi Wan as a holo message (which I won’t detail because you know spoilers sweeties.)


I really can’t stress enough how much fun this show is. The pilot re-airs on November 5th (details below), DVR it, parts one and two. Then queue it up turn up the volume and sit back and watch a show that is as good as any movie. So good in fact the LA Times reported that season 2 had been picked up before the first episode had even aired (‘Star Wars Rebels’ picked up for 2nd season before 1st season starts – LA Times October 2, 2014.)

I hope this show runs a long time, it should the force is strong in this one…

Go to for info.

Disney XD is notoriuos for showing shows at all times and days so my advice would be set your DVR if you really want to catch it. Or risk the listed time of Fridays at 9pm.

Here’s the info on the pilot, there’s also an episode tonight so set those DVR’s!

Listing info courtesy of

Tue, Nov 25
2:30 PM
Spark of Rebellion: Part 1
Part 1 of 2. Rebels aboard the starship Ghost battle the evil Galactic Empire when it tries to to tighten its powerful grip on the galaxy.
Tue, Nov 25
3:00 PM
Spark of Rebellion: Part 2
Part 2 of 2. Rebels battle the evil Galactic Empire when it tries to tighten its grip on the galaxy.

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