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Star Trek Vol 1 – Gold Key Archive – ST-TOS Like You’ve Never Seen It Before!


Star Trek Vol 1 - Gold Key Archive - ST-TOS Like You've Never Seen It Before! GKA-ST-01-00a

This Vol. 1 hardcover collects the first 6 issues of the Gold Key series. These are the maiden comic book voyages of the Starship Enterprise. Written by Dick Wood and drawn by Nevio Zaccara (and later Alberto Giolitti) these stories bring us back to a time when the Star Trek universe as we know it wasn’t yet set in stone. Working from very few stills and with no knowledge of the actual show there are many quirky differences between this and what we modern fans would expect. But even with the uneven artist representations of our favorite actors and the writing that call the transporter room the “teleportation chamber” these stories still resonate with the heart of the series. They still embody that spirit of exploration and adventure…

GKA-ST-01-01 GKA-ST-01-02 GKA-ST-01-03

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GKA-ST-01-04 GKA-ST-01-05 GKA-ST-01-06

GKA-ST-01-07 GKA-ST-01-08 GKA-ST-01-09

Star Trek Gold Key Archives Vol. 1 HC
Writer: Wood, Dick
Artist: Zaccara, Nevio
On Sale April 02, 2014
Publisher IDW
Diamond Id: JAN140473
Price: $29.99
ISBN: 978161377922452999

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