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Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde #1 Because Comics Should be Fun!


Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde #1 Because Comics Should be Fun!Last Wednesday (7/23) I went in to my local shop to get my pulls I noticed Star lord and Kitty Pryde #1. I picked it up and when I got to the counter I asked Bob, who works at Royal Collectibles, if he knew why I was getting it. His reply? “Because you need something to complain about?” I get it. I don’t buy into the big event books, haven’t since the original Secret Wars. I often bust his chops for his mantra “comics should be fun” and his constant assertion that all’s fair in fiction. I know he’s right but like many of you I don’t like to see my childhood sullied. So I’ve stayed away from the Secret Wars, and Battleworld books, stuck to my indie titles. In fact the only other Battle World book I’ve read is “Where Monsters Dwell” (which deserves it’s own article), so why was I buying Star-lord and Kitty?

Well because it looked like a fun book. And guess what? It was. I read it with an elseworlds/what if mindset, and it totally worked. There were other reasons, like the fact that I haven’t really paid any attention to Starlord since way back when (though I did enjoy the Guardians movie) so he’s not a character I’m vested in. There’s also the fact that one of my favorite past Marvel titles Exiles has been inexplicably popping up in conversations recently and something about this book suggested I might find a similar vibe.

Boy was that a good call.

Star-lord has been separated from the other heroes he accompanied on Reed Richard’s “cosmic life raft” and is laying low in a “Manhattan’s” most exclusive club. I put the city name in quotes because this is Battleworld, who knows which Manhattan, from which Earth he’s actually found himself in. I can tell you one thing it obviously isn’t ours. Why you ask? Because he’s working in this club as a singer. Singing Disney songs, and no one’s ever heard them before. You haven’t live until your eyes have beheld Peter Quill belting out “Part of his world” to a room full of adoring fans. It’s absurd. I cracked up.

As the story moves forward we run into some familiar faces though of course they aren’t the ones we expect, or wish, they were. It’s a bit sad actually, thinking our hero adrift in a world not his own surrounded by faces that should recognize him. But as they say “everything dies” so I guess our hero just needs to accept that those that he loved are long gone and he just needs to… Yea you know that isn’t how it’s going to go right?

After a chance encounter the book changes from a “Casablanca” inspired spy piece to an adventure romp, with Star-lord being dragged into what I’m hoping is the beginning of a bid to overthrow Battleworld’s supreme ruler Doctor Doom! This could really be a fun kind of mad-cap adventure book, at least that’s what I’m hoping for!

Again, fun book! Sam Humphries maintained a great pace and a cool inner monologue for our hero. Alti Firmansyah’s pencils look great, the colors are a bit flat at times but overall the art has energy and style to match the script. This title has made my pull list. 3 and a half stars out of 5!

Yes Bob you’re right, comics should be fun!

If you missed this one, though I’m sure some shops still have it in stock, you can grab it digitally through Marvel or

Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde (2015) #1
Published: July 22, 2015
Rating: Rated T
Writer: Sam Humphries
Penciller: Alti Firmansyah
Cover Artist: Yasmine Putri
Imprint: Marvel Universe
Rating: Rated T
Format: Comic
Price: $3.99
UPC: 75960608284100111

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