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Squarriors Are Coming, Which Tribe’s Side Are You On?


At Special Edition: NYC we spent a few minutes talking with the guys over at Devil’s Due Entertainment and they showed us some art from the then upcoming project entitled Squarriors. It was impressive stuff! Now that the Kickstarter has launched I can share some of it with you!

Squarriors Are Coming, Which Tribe's Side Are You On?

Taking place in a post-human world, where animals have developed the spark of reason, Squarriors follows an animal clan known as Tin Kin and their seemingly unavoidable war against the Maw tribe. With the dual nature of intelligence and animal instinct can peace ever truly be an option?

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The art, from Ashley Witter (whose work includes several movie adaptations for Yen Press), is really cool the personalities of the characters show through the animal expressions and body language quite well, and the story itself, developed by writer Ash Maczko, has a great chance of being really rich and interesting.

The plan is to produce four mini-series, each representing a season in one year. The first 4 issue series is “Spring”. Devil’s Due plans to publish the first series this winter but as is the way of comic books these days just how big and how long the series is will be tied to the popularity of its kickstarter campaign.

Go here and check out the kickstarter, get in at the beginning…

Check out this kickstarter exclusive cover (psst there’s a print of this as well…)


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