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Spirit of the Law Interview with Brandon Seifert!


When I did my review of Spirit of The Law (Spirit of the Law! Horror and Revenge from Seifert, Montenat, and Monkerbrain Comics!) I contacted Micheal Montenat and Brandon Seifert with some questions about the book. Both got back to me immediately, Brandon was unfortunately tied up with a bunch of stuff and asked for a little time to answer the questions. Being aware of how busy people can get I assumed responding to my questions would get lost in the shuffle. And then an email arrived:


Sorry it’s taken me so long to get to these! The answers are attached.

Thanks for the press! 🙂


Gotta tell you nothing beats a creator who wants to talk to people! Here’s the Q&A! After you’ve read it take a second to check out the book itself at MonkeyBrain “Spirit of The Law“.

1. Spirit of the Law is a wonderfully dark, gritty story. Not to be too vague but where did the idea come from?

It started as a few different ideas, actually. “Spirit of the Law” was a name I’d come up with for a pulp hero — except I thought it was going to be a man, not a woman. I had some other ideas for a story about a superhero origin from the “villain’s” point of view, which got worked in. But mostly I wanted to do a story that would look good with Michael’s style. I’ve been impressed with Michael for a while, and after we had a good experience working together on the Hellraiser Annual last year I started looking for projects we could do together.

2. Is Daisy Dumont’s character one you could see yourself returning to at a later date? Will she exact revenge on others?

Oh, definitely! Among other things, Spirit Of The Law was conceived as a cross between a ghost story and a superhero/pulp hero book. As we saw in the first two issues there were more people involved in Daisy’s killing than the guys who pulled the trigger and buried the body. Daisy’s going to work her way up the chain of responsibility — and could end up in some pretty unlikely places!

3. This is your second successful project with Michael Montenat, can we expect to see more from you two?

Definitely! The question is when. I’m up to my neck in projects right now, and Michael’s hard at work on another series for MonkeyBrain — while holding down a day job as a waiter! So it may be a little while before we’re able to coordinate more.

4. We’re huge Witch Doctor (and Doctor Who) fans here at Whatchareading. Do you have any upcoming projects you’d like to mention?

Right now Clive Barker and I are co-writing the Hellraiser: The Dark Watch ongoing series from BOOM! Studios. Other than that, Witch Doctor: Mal Practice just wrapped up — the trade is coming in June and people can preorder that now from their local comic store. I’ve got a couple other projects I’m hard at work at the moment, but I can’t talk about them until they get announced!

5. How about conventions? Will we get to pester you for autographs anywhere this year?

I’m at Stumptown Comic Fest here in Portland, Oregon on April 27 and 28. The weekend after that I’ll be in Baltimore for a Free Comic Book Day signing at Collectors Corner.

I’m also a guest of HeroesCon in Charlotte, North Carolina June 7-9. That’s all I know for sure right now. I may be at San Diego and NYCC, and I’ll definitely be at local Portland shows like Rose City Comic Con. To keep up with what I’m doing I recommend “liking” my Facebook Page at facebook.com/BrandonTSeifert.

Lot’s of good stuff there, if you haven’t checked out Brandon’s stuff ( Witch Doctor, Hellraiser, Doctor Who ) get moving! And if you see Brandon at convention stop and tell him how good his books are!

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