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Space-Time Condominium! – The Graphic Novel! – from ACTION LAB Entertainment!


Who doesn’t like parallel Earths? Ah the possibilities; talking animals, zombies, man eating plants, a world where politics isn’t a dirty word (good luck there) and most of all the chance of running into yourself?! Awesome! This graphic novel shows us all sorts of weird realities from the mind of writer/creator Dave Dwonch! Let’s have a look…

A spinoff (continuation?) of a one season reality/sitcom (or was it?) this comic follows the lives of “the Griffins” parallel universe “brothers” who have been pulled from their worlds by one known only as The Gatekeeper. Only he knows why he has gathered these men together but he assures all the the fate of the universe(s?) depend on it.

The year is 1985 and the multiverse is in peril, Griffin Griffins holds the key. Or should I say the Griffin Griffins’ hold the key. Five alternate universe “brothers” living together in a condo out of time and space, join failed stand-up Griffin, white trash alcoholic Griffin, flamboyantly gay Griffin, nerd Griffin, thinks he’s black Griffin, and a host of others. Can they put up with each other long enough to save their worlds???

This book is great, I just flipped it open to get a reference for this article and wound up reading the whole thing again! We often hear words like unique and one of a kind used to describe things and sometimes they are accurate. This time they’re not enough. Let me see if I can explain this in a way that makes sense. It’s a graphic novel, that is based on a reality show (that never existed), that takes place in 1985, about parallel universes, with all the behind the scenes stuff, posters, interviews, news articles (that never happened) included in the graphic novel.

That much weirdness is reason enough to buy it. When you do break down take my recommendation and buy it settle down and get ready to be sucked in immediately. Dave Dwonch has written a comic that flows perfectly, he’s got the sitcom rhythm down to the point where you can hear the laugh track. And just like a marathon of your favorite 1980’s sit-com you can’t tear yourself away, you just keep reading and reading along. What starts as a strange reality show sit-com quickly becomes an interesting well plotted science fiction story. I’m really looking forward to the next season.

Season One is available for pre-order at your local comic book retailer (Order Code DEC110770) or online comic retailer, and has a February release date. Here’s the publishers link Action Labs Entertainment!

Speaking of the next season, this comic was a web series for years and luckily it continues to be one so after reading this totally unique, funny, and weird graphic novel head on over to Space-Time Condominium for Season Two!

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