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Sons Of Anarchy Withdrawal? BOOM! STUDIOS Has Your Fix!



So, If you’re like me, the Sons of Anarchy season finale left you feeling sad, angry and in a general state of What the F_¢k just happened???

And now we’re supposed to just sit around and wait until August! What the hell?? And you Walking Dead folks are whining and complaining about a break until February!!

Thank you Boom Studios, for putting out a Sons of Anarchy six issue mini-series to keep us Men and Ladies of Mayhem busy for a bit.


Already four issues in, the story reads like a lost, unaired episode, focusing on everyone’s favorite sexual deviant and mad man, Alex “Tig” Trager.

Taking place shortly after the season 5 premiere episode, Tig is in a tremulous emotional state (For those of you not in the know, Tig’s daughter was burned alive in front of his eyes). Already a short fuse, Tig finds himself in another situation that could bring unwanted attention to SAMCRO. (That’s Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original for all you prospects out there!)
Kendra, the daughter of a former member Herman Kozik, has come to the club for help. Kozik had some history with Tig, and not all of it good ( anyone remember Missy ?? lol), but when Kozik died, they had already made their peace. Tig starts feeling protective of Kendra after the loss of his own estranged daughter, and wants to help.
3366028-02See, Kendra’s on the run from her boyfriend, and his porn kingpin boss, a man named Griggs. It seems she accidentally found out about their sick side business, and rescued the two, very young, girls involved in it. Now Griggs wants her, and the two girls, dead before they reveal his criminal activity.

Kendra hates the MC, blaming them for her father’s death, but knows they are the best hope for her and the girls. Tig gets the club to help Kendra, by escorting her to her father’s Sons chapter in Tacoma,where she can get 24 hour protection.
But as anyone who has watched the show knows, nothing goes easy for the Club. Griggs has hired the Ghost Brothers, Asian twin motorcycle assassins, to hunt down Kendra. Which wouldn’t normally be too much trouble, except for there connection to a SAMCRO member, who quickly gives up Kendra’s location (I’ll give you a hint, he used to be President …. and he’s a bit of a dick).

boom-studios-sons-of-anarchy-issue-3Christopher Golden, master of comic/movie/TV show to novel writing, does a flawless job adapting the rather unconventional comic book subject matter of a motorcycle club and their harrowing illegal activities. An obvious fan of the show, Golden captures all the subtle nuances of the Club member’s personalities that make the show so damn good. Jax, Bobby, Chibs, Gemma and the whole lot, talk, act and re-act as they do on the show.
The pacing is quick and follows the flow of the show beat for beat, and loaded with S.o.A easter eggs that any fan can appreciate. Galindo, Pope, Nero, Henry Lin,..even Chucky and his hands are in it. Golden knows his characters inside and out and you see it here.

Damian Couceiro, does the same on his side as the artist. His style is not photorealistic in any manner, but each character is instantly recognizable on the page. He has great range when it comes to showing emotions in facial expressions and body language. Most of the story takes place at night or in dark places, so contrary to the show’s usual California sunshine brightness, the color schemes a bit dark, but it fits Couceiro’s sketchy grittiness.

If your a fan of the show, you’ll like this book. If your not a fan, you might be a little lost, but you’ll get the gist of what the shows about.

Is it as good as the show ? Of course not! Don’t be ridiculous. Nothing is as good as the show! But methadone isn’t as good as heroin, but it’ll get you by in a fix.



So jump on ebay, go to amazon, or brave the cold and support your Local Comic Shop and buy these books. If anything support my LCS, Royal Collectibles, here in Queens NY and grab them here:

Hell, just get it for the great interconnected variant covers, then hang them up on your wall and be cool like me!


So Live Free and Ride Hard! – or at least read about it until next year!

til Gemma meets Mister Mayhem…

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