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Sons of Anarchy Vol. 1 Trade Edition from Boom! Studios


Sons_of_Anarchy_v1_coverChristopher Golden’s run on the Sons of Anarchy comic was so popular it propelled the book from mini series to an ongoing monthly book. Now Boom! has collected those first six issues into a trade paper edition. Collecting this story that lies outside the lines, but comfortably within the show’s continuity.

The story is a something of a redemption tale for Tig. After the loss of his daughter he is adrift and in a very volatile state. Into this difficult time comes the daughter of a deceased Son. She’s in a precarious position and needs help. As much as she hates the Sons for the man they made her father she knows they can give her the protection she needs. Tig makes it his mission to get her where she needs to be safely. No matter how many bodies he leaves in his wake.

Golden captures the essence and voice of the Sons of Anarchy show perfectly in these issues. Tig is exactly as we know him and his actions all flow perfectly. The other Sons who appear are also their familiar selves. The story is easy to imagine happening between seasons as it fits nicely in the continuity without having any ramifications on the story the show tells. The art is good for a tie-in book. Everyone looks like themselves. I really enjoyed this arc. If you haven’t read it yet and are a Sons of Anarchy fan, pick up the collection. It’s an enjoyable and satisfying read.

I’m giving 4.5 out of 5 starts to the six issue collection. All you want from a tie-in book is familiarity and good storytelling. This fulfills both requirements and then some.

Here’s a peek inside:

Sons_of_Anarchy_v1_PRESS-6 Sons_of_Anarchy_v1_PRESS-7 Sons_of_Anarchy_v1_PRESS-8

Sons_of_Anarchy_v1_PRESS-9 Sons_of_Anarchy_v1_PRESS-10 Sons_of_Anarchy_v1_PRESS-11

Sons_of_Anarchy_v1_PRESS-12 Sons_of_Anarchy_v1_PRESS-13 Sons_of_Anarchy_v1_PRESS-14

Sons_of_Anarchy_v1_PRESS-15 Sons_of_Anarchy_v1_PRESS-16

Sons of Anarchy Vol. 1 TP (MR)
Writer: Golden, Christopher
Artist: Couceiro, Damian
Cover Artist: Brown, Garry
Release Date: 09/17/14
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Diamond Id: JUL140980
Price: $19.99
ISBN: 978160886402752000

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