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Sons of Anarchy #7 – The Monthly Begins, with Toric!


Sons of Anarchy #7 - The Monthly Begins, with Toric!As a huge Sons of Anarchy fan I was thrilled when I heard Boom was publishing a miniseries tie in for the show. I greatly enjoyed that six issue Tig-centric story, written by Christopher Golden. I was even happier to hear it is now going to be an ongoing series. Now I get can my dose of Sons on a regular, monthly basis. The question is will it be as good without Golden on board?

I was curious about where we’d go in issue 7. It turns out we’re going to get a little more time with the late Lee Toric. Toric, as fans may recall was the former US Marshal turned junkie whose sister was killed by Otto. Toric is more than a little off his rocker, which makes him fit right into the culture of Charming. He was dispatched earlier than I expected in the show so there should be plenty to expand upon with his character.

This issue turns out to be a one shot prequel to his time in Charming. This time he’s getting revenge for the death of a friend’s son. It was a story I didn’t know I wanted, but it turns out I did. I enjoyed the peek at Toric before he became the enemy. In another place and time I might have liked his severely screwed up self and this story shows that.

It’s hard to say with a single stand alone issue whether or not the series will remain as good as the first 6 but this was strong enough and interesting enough to get me back next month. The atmosphere was right and exploring back story a bit is one of the best things to do with this kind of comic tie-in series. You know where everyone ends up but the getting there can be just as interesting.

I give this 4 out of 5 stars. It’s a damn decent start for the new series.

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Sons of Anarchy #7 (MR)
Writer: Brisson, Ed
Artist: Hervas, Jesus
Cover Artist: Azaceta, Paul
Price: $3.99
UPC: 84428400341400711
On Sale March 12, 2014
Publisher BOOM! Studios
Diamond Id: JAN141000

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