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So the Thor 2 trailer hit, and the Internet exploded.


If there’s one movie I’ve been waiting on even more than Iron Man 3, it’s Thor 2. (And Star Trek Into Darkness is up there, but this is a superhero post.) So last night, when my mother – MY MOTHER, PEOPLE – called me and asked me if I saw the teaser on one of those entertainment shows, I proceeded to flail about my living room in shame. MY MOTHER SAW THE THOR 2 TRAILER BEFORE I DID. I have failed at fangirl life.

I needn’t have worried. Less than an hour later, the teaser had hit the Web, the Tumblr fandom got hold of Loki’s new ‘do and went hogwild on the memes. This morning, Tom “Loki” Hiddleston himself Tweeted the link, writing, “It gives me very great pleasure to introduce… THE DARK WORLD.”

So here it is.

We’ve got Thor, back for Jane as promised, who whisks her off to Asgard. We’ve got some alien invasion happening – is this Thanos-related? – and Malekith the Accursed coming to Asgard to throw down. We see Lady Sif giving Jane the hairy eyeball, and kicking some serious ass on the battlefield. Thor’s looking pretty beaten, and that’s when we see him, folks – the man, the myth, the villain legend – Loki. He’s in his little glass prison – people don’t learn, do they? – and Thor approaches him for help – while threatening to kill him. I love this family.

The Thor 2 trailer will be attached to Iron Man 3, which is out next Friday. I will be there, with my light-up arc reactor tee-shirt and Lego Loki keychain. Enjoy, folks!

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