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SNARL is a real page turner!


SNARLSNARL is one of those rare one-shot comics that really make use of the format. The storytelling is tight, superbly well paced, and filled with tension. More on the technical side later, first and foremost let’s talk story.

Do you enjoy a good supernatural police procedural? Veteran police detective Bevil is knee deep in a tough case. Eight victims all murdered in a National Park. He and his partner are getting pressure from the Deputy-Commissioner and their Captain to clear it. The problem? The number one suspects are best described as “were-people.” Needless to say this is not a popular opinion, the term “fairy tale horse crap” is thrown around, but the detectives know what the evidence tells them and they’re determined to follow it through to the end.

Writer Kelly Bender has crafted a solid police story, one that would feel at home as an X-Files script or a Twilight Zone episode. Co-creator Nathan Kelly’s art has that gritty quality that you want in this kind of tale, he knows how to bring the violence with just the right amount of gore. His muted color palette and use of shadow gives the story just the right atmosphere, from the offices of the Police department to the forest the reader is constantly looking into the shadows, picking up little details it’s a great looking book.

The story plays out in unexpected but logical ways and by the end you realized that you just read a one-shot that you wish was a series. Bender and Kelly made the most of the supernatural/horror cop story genre (is that a genre?) and it’s a treat to read.

When I originally got my hands on this it was digital only, I was prepared at that point to recommend it even though I am sure a fan of print comics. Well before running this review I reached out to Kelly Bender for some updated sales links and wouldn’t you know it SNARL is now available in print! So whether you’re a digital junkie or a print maniac you should definitely grab this book. I’m sure you’ll be glad you did.

Nathan Kelly – Co-Creator, Artist, & Inker
Kelly Bender – Co-Creator & Writer
Josh Jensen – Colorist
Micah Meyers – Letters

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