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“Smoke and Mirrors” – Is Whitney Frost Behind the Masque?


Season 2 of Marvel’s Agent Carter is already a smash hit and it is only three episodes in.  Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell), Edwin Jarvis (James D’Arcy), Chief Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj) and Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper) are back for another week of fun in the sun as they get to the bottom of Isoydyne Energy and zero matter.


“Smoke and Mirrors” – Agent Carter and the SSR learn there’s more than just a pretty face behind Hollywood star Whitney Frost, Peggy’s most dangerous foe yet, on “Marvel’s Agent Carter,” TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 2 (9:00-10:00 p.m. EST) on the ABC Television Network.

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Does this mean we get to see Whitney Frost (Wynn Everett) become Madame Masque?  She has the spot of zero matter on her forehead from the explosion at Isoydyne.  We’ve already seen what she has started to become in last week’s episode “Better Angels” and it made the spot grow.  It’ll be interesting to see if we see Madame Masque or we just see Whitney Frost herself succumb to the power of the zero matter.  Aside from uncovering Whitney Frost’s intentions and motives, Peggy must find a way to help Dr. Jason Wilkes (Reggie Austin) recover from the explosion that turned him into a zero matter apparition and make him human again.  When she meets him in the season premiere, it’s the first time we see Peggy smitten with someone other than Steve Rogers/Captain America.

In this episode we see that Peggy gets the job done no matter what lengths she has to go to.  This season has taken a slightly darker turn than last season.  We’re seeing people frozen then shatter, Whitney unleashes her zero matter power when she sucks the director in through her hands and Peggy has been bending the rules of law enforcement.  It does make for an excellent adventure and action-packed hour of television.  You can catch Peggy, Jarvis, Sousa and the rest of the SSR as they continue to chase Whitney and her husband Calvin Chadwick (Currie Graham) to save the world from zero matter.

“Marvel’s Agent Carter” stars Hayley Atwell as Agent Peggy Carter, James D’Arcy as Edwin Jarvis, Enver Gjokaj as Chief Daniel Sousa, Wynn Everett as Whitney Frost, Reggie Austin as Jason Wilkes, and Chad Michael Murray as Chief Jack Thompson.

“Smoke and Mirrors” was written by Sue Chung and directed by David Platt.

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