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Sleepy Hollow Renewed, Thank FSM!


If your Wednesday was anything like mine, it kind of blew. But in the middle of it, as I was fielding my millionth email and picking up my hundredth phone call, I got some fantastic news: Sleepy Hollow has been renewed for season three!

Sleepy Hollow Renewed, Thank FSM!


When the season ended, there were some doubts about the future of the show. Season two had seen shaky ratings and fans that were less than thrilled with the show’s treatment of people of color. Word came down last week that Mark Goffman (who oversaw this year’s Ichatrina-heavy episodes) would be stepping down, and several of the fans I spoke with said this might not be a bad thing. Today we found out that Clifton Campbell (The Glades) will take up the reins of season three. The series will also be filming in Atlanta (Y’allywood) rather than North Carolina, as it has for the past two seasons. I’ve been to Atlanta and am not sure how it’s going to stand in for upstate New York in the colonial era, but hey, I don’t care. Sleepy‘s coming back!

I want your guesses in the comments, Sleepyheads. Who will be the big bad of season three? How will the season play out with Henry and Katrina gone? Is there hope for the Ichabbie shippers? How about Mr. and Mrs. BAMF? Let me know what you’re thinking!

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