Sleepy Hollow: Providence is a Story Worthy of the Show

Sleepy Hollow: Providence is a Story Worthy of the Show


Sleepy Hollow: Providence is a Story Worthy of the ShowHey, remember back to the Sleepy Hollow season finale when it seemed like everything might finally be okay for our awesome foursome of the Mills Sisters, Crane, and Irving (you know, aside from Crane losing his family, but that’s okay because no one else is really going to miss Katrina)? Yeah, me either, because about three seconds after they all walked off into the sunset we found out Orlando Jones was leaving the series.

Well, the season premiere is still a month and a half off (October 1), but BOOM! Studios has our backs, Sleepyheads. This week sees the release of Sleepy Hollow: Providence #1, a new mini-series written by Eric Carrasco, who comes directly out of the Sleepy writers’ room. The issue opens with Mrs. BAMF herself, Jenny Mills, out on a mission to find a mysterious artifact called The Spike in a vault that was apparently designed by Freemasons and Ben Franklin (side note, how much do I love the line about Ben Franklin being obsessed with mulberry trees? It’s funny because it’s true.) Cut to something I have been wanting from Sleepy for the longest time, a shower scene with Ichabod Crane talking to Abbie Mills. But wait, it’s not what you think, because all Sleepy Hollow writers like to toy with our Ichabbie shipping hearts and apparently Carrasco is no different. From there we flash back and forth between Jenny’s mission and Crane and Abbie’s banter a couple of times before getting into the meat of the story: a murderous biker gang has designs on The Spike, and they’re willing to take on our heroes to get to it.SleepyHollowProvidence_001_C_Variant

Carrasco’s history in the Sleepy writer’s room adds a fair amount to Sleepy Hollow: Providence. He’s got the character voices down pat, right down to Crane going off on a conspiracy by shampoo manufacturers (keep fighting against modernity, Crane, keep fighting). He also captures that Crane, Abbie, and Jenny have been through some heavy stuff recently, and that as a result their interactions with each other aren’t as easy as they were before the season two finale. And I hate to bring up the elephant in the room, but I have to: it was so refreshing to see Jenny Mills as a solid third lead! She isn’t used entirely as a plot device only to disappear after a scene! I’m really hoping, as this series is supposed to tie into the third season, that the show runners have finally heeded the pleas of the fans and we’ll be seeing more of the Mills Sisters in the spotlight. On the artistic side, Victor Santos’s drawings are a little rougher than I would like, but that’s me just wanting a photorealistic Sleepy comic and not a judgement of the quality of the artwork. Jason Wordie’s color palette, comprised largely of shades of orange and turquoise, adds to the stylistic nature of the art.

Sleepy Hollow: Providence #1 leaves us with some loose ends (What the hell are these bikers, exactly? Why is an Amish girl in combat boots helping the Witnesses? Who is that hobo guy so keen to throw Abbie’s past in her face? And what does The Spike actually do?), but it’s a first issue, so that’s to be expected. Overall it’s a fun read that has me wishing it were October 1 already, because I need to get my Sleepy on. 4 out of 5 Lightning Bolts.

SleepyHollowProvidence_001_PRESS-2 SleepyHollowProvidence_001_PRESS-3
SleepyHollowProvidence_001_PRESS-4 SleepyHollowProvidence_001_PRESS-5
SleepyHollowProvidence_001_PRESS-6 SleepyHollowProvidence_001_PRESS-7

Sleepy Hollow: Providence #1
Written by Eric Carrasco
Illustrated by Victor Santos
Colors by Jason Wordie
Letters by Jim Campbell
Cover by Joe Quinones
Cover Inks and Colors by Emmy Cicierega
Variant Covers by Rob Guillory & Faith Erin Hicks
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Release Date: August 12, 2015


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