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Sleepy Hollow Loses Some BAMF.


Sleepy Hollow Loses Some BAMF.Somebody hold me. Although we know that Sleepy Hollow is coming back for Season 3 next year, word came down on May 4 that the new season will be sans Frank Irving (played by Orlando Jones). Seriously, somebody hold me.

Irving’s character has never been front and center in Sleepy, but he is a reliable second-stringer, the other half to Jenny Mills’s Mrs. BAMF. And at the end of last season, down Henry and Katrina Crane, it looked like we’d be back to the awesome foursome of Abbie and Jenny Mills, Ichabod Crane, and Frank Irving. Now that’s gone, where do we go from here?

I’m selfish and thinking of my own loss: what will I do without social media juggernaut Orlando Jones live tweeting every episode? But let’s get beyond that, what does it mean for the show? Will Reyes and Hawley finally play a regular role in the war against evil? One can only hope. Sleepy has a history of under-utilizing its talented cast. With a new show runner in place, it would be nice to change that history into twistory as well.

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