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Preview/Review Slave – A Solid Gladiator Story


Preview/Review Slave - A Solid Gladiator Story

One of my favorite movies of all time is Spartacus. I love the epic scale of it, the gladiator fights and the moral attached to it. No price is too high to pay for a chance at freedom. Slave plays on a the Spartacus tale quite a bit to mixed results.

Slave tells the story of a gladiator, Balibray who seems to constantly fight the urge to bite the hand that feeds him. He does what he’s told but flashes of attitude and rebellion happen. Lucky for him he’s the best they have. Being lucrative for your masters is a slave’s best protection. He gets along fairly well until given a young slave to mentor. This infuriates him and leads to a cascade of events that drive the rest of the story.

I liked Slave. It’s done in black and white, which works well, oddly enough considering the violence and gore in the book. The story is very much Spartacus based but with enough twists to make it original. The art is clean and defined, this is important as much of the story is told visually, which works amazingly well. I think I preferred the wordless portions of the story. There’s nothing particularly wrong with the book, I just never connected with the character. Still the story was solid and told well.

I give Slave 3 out of 5 stars. It’s a good read. Especially if you like gladiator stories.

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Written by Greg Boucher
Lettered by Justin Newberry
Art by Aleksandar Bozic

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