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Skullkickers Continues To Impress With Issue #25!


Skullkickers Continues To Impress With Issue #25!

Twenty-five issues. Four volumes. It’s a storyline and a half fer cryin’ out loud. And in a two-page recap Jim Zub makes you laugh, peaks your interest, and gets you all caught up (sort of).

SK25-01 SK25-02

So we’ve got two incarnations of Rex, two of Rolf, and their would-be assassin turned traveling companion Kusia. And as for the world they’re in? Well after being ejected from the other-dimensional tavern The Gizzard they’ve found themselves in Rolf’s home-world, worse yet his hometown. That wouldn’t be a bad thing normally but this world isn’t “his” per se.

I’ll admit when I saw the two recap pages I groaned at first. I have an on again off again relationship with this title (as I do with most books, have I mentioned I get A LOT of stuff to read each month?) so I assumed I’d be lost. Had any other author tried this multi-universe/multi-character kind of craziness it would’ve been a muddle mess. But I found that between Jim’s dialogue and Huang’s ability to draw variations of the same character yet make them easily distinguishable from one another it was a fun and interesting issue.

And come on let’s face it, there’s just something charming about a foul-mouthed dwarf…


I’m definitely along for the ride on this arc. I can’t wait to see how Zub is going to reconcile all this cross-dimensional doppelgänger mumbo-jumbo. Go buy Skullkickers #25, whether you’re a long time fan or this is your first foray into Jim’s fantasy/action/humor romp you won’t be disappointed.

Skullkickers #25 gets 4 Dwarven Ales out of 5!

Skullkickers #25 **
Writer: Zub, Jim
Artist: Huang, Edwin
Cover Artist: Ghio, James
Format: COMIC
Publisher: Image
On Sale: March 26, 2014
Price: $3.50
Product ID: JAN140544

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