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Skidmarks: A Mini Comic Collection – Fun, Crazy, Irreverent.


I love indie projects. When I was a younger man hanging out in the diner with my friends, spit-balling ideas for a comic of our own, there was no clear path to self-publishing. There were small publishers, like Crusade, Personality, Valiant, and some flash in the pan thing called Image, but for four guys in Queens NY who didn’t want to xerox their book we were s.o.l.

With a history like that anytime I see an artist or writer who’s really putting it out there, really making it happen I can’t help but check it out.

Skidmarks: A Mini Comic Collection - Fun, Crazy, Irreverent.

Skidmarks isn’t amateur effort. Writer/artist Derek Hunter has made comics since he was a child, and it paid off, these day he’s a designer on Adventure Time (and Bravest Warriors) for Cartoon Network! With his Skidmarks kickstarter he’s hoping to show you all the things he’s loved from his sketchbook. These aren’t sketches, they’re full fledged mini comics, 175 pages of them. Derek also gives some background on some of the stories as well. Many projects are so good that once you read them you’ll want more!

from the kickstarter:

“a collection of 175 pp of my favorite mini comics and short stories that I’ve done over the last 11 years that I’m collecting into one book called “Skidmarks”. It’s been a real labor of love, one that chronicles my path as an artist from xerox-pirating mini comic creator to a working animation professional,”

His writing is irreverent, his art style is loose but cool. It’s not as cartoony as Adventure Time, more comic book…


The kickstarter still has some time so click the link and check out this glimpse into the brain of a professional animator, it’s pretty damn cool.

Skidmarks: Mini Comic Collection by Derek Hunter ends June 12, 2014!


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