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Six-Gun Gorilla, Long Days Of Vengeance is a 4 out of 5!


No this isn’t another article about that Six Gun Gorilla. This is something altogether different.

When we posted the news about Si Spurrier’s Six-Gun Gorilla comic we got a rather cryptic comment,

Si’s pistol-packin’ primate is going to have a wee bit of company this summer:

When you click on that link you jump to a landing page with an image, specifically this image,


I was intrigued to say the least. So this past weekend at New York Comic Con I saw the banner with Six Gun Gorilla on it and I stepped right up and got my hands on issue #1!

And I was blown away. This is a true western with a deep, cool story that has you believing it from the start. It may seem like an odd analogy but it reminded me of Tarzan, which hopefully gives you a good idea of the story’s path. Let’s see if you agree,


SGG-01 SGG-02 SGG-03

SGG-04 SGG-05 SGG-07

See it? See it? Yup, raised by humans this gorilla becomes much much more than you could imagine. And what you see above is just the beginning of the twists and turns the plot takes.

Adrian Sibar’s (Batgirl, Bang! Tango) art is cool, switching between dusty bleak desert and lushly detailed jungle with just the right amount of detail in both cases. He gives each scene just the right amount of emotional weight to carry the book forward. Believe me Brian Christgau hasn’t written some jovial farce, as you saw in the preview this book’s subtitle “Long Days of Vengeance” definitely isn’t lip service and while issue one doesn’t give us the whole story it sets up what I think will be a really interesting and deep arc.

This book is a strong 4 out of 5, you should read this series.

Interested in reading it? I thought so, you can get yours by clicking here, tell ’em What’cha Reading sent you!

Six-Gun Gorilla Long Days Of Vengeance

a picture book by

Writer: “Bushwack” Brian Christgau
Artist: Adrian “Snake Eyes” Sibar
Lettering: “Dangerous” David Sharpe
Cover: “Wild” Wes Huffor with Derek “Dead-Eye” Dow
Pages: 22
Color/B&W: Color
Price: $1.99 (Digital) $3.99 (Print)

I’d stick around and try to convince you further but I’ve got to go, I’m reading issue #2 tonight!

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