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Six “Easy” Questions for Grace Randolph – Supurbia # 2 hits shelves tomorrow!


Grace Randolph is known for many things. Her youtube movie review series’ Beyond the Trailer has 86,066 subscribers with 94,242,444 video views, and her comic book review series Think About The Ink (sponsored by Bleeding Cool) has over 3,000 subscribers. She’s written comics for Tokyopop (Starcraft, Warcraft), Marvel (Her-oes, Nation X), Archaia (Fraggle Rock), and Boom! (Muppet Peter Pan, Supurbia).

And here’s a look at the cover for issue #2 of Grace’s current mini Supurbia:

With Supurbia #2 being released on Wednesday I thought I’d touch base with Grace and ask her a few questions:

WR: Grace you really knocked it out of the park with Supurbia #1, all the reviews were great (including mine LOL). It went into a second printing 9 days before it’s release. How did THAT feel? What do you think drove the ordering frenzy?

GR: Hmm, good question!  I think it was really a perfect storm of interest in a unique idea, strong buzz (from people like you!), great positioning for the title from BOOM, and my own relationship with the comic book community through my video work with Marvel and now Bleeding Cool.  At least, that’s my theory.  As the saying goes, if anyone could manufacture this kind of result on a regular basis they would!  You roll the dice with a new book and happily we got a great result, thanks to readers.

WR: Now that this first arc is under way, do you have an ending to this title already written? How many issues do you see the series running?

GR: This is a four issue mini-series, and they’re already all in the can.  Of course I’m hopeful there will be enough interest in Supurbia that it will get the chance to continue and it’s very encouraging that readers have taken such a quick liking to this new universe of characters.  A couple of people have already been saying they’d like to see it continue – after reading just the first issue, which means a lot – so fingers crossed!

WR: How long have you been working on Supurbia? What made this the right time to put it out there?

GR: I came up with the idea, and pitched it to BOOM, at the 2010 New York Comic Con.  What a weekend!  BOOM agreed to pick it up shortly after that.  And I’m very grateful that BOOM really cared enough to give myself and my editors there the time to craft a great story.  We took our time getting the tone of the book just right in the first issue, and it’s been going smoothly ever since!  It really shows how important it is not to rush the process.

As for the timing, I think Supurbia really represents something that’s been missing in comics.  There’s very little focus yet tremendous interest in supporting characters.  I have two action figures on my shelf – Alfred Pennyworth and Jim Gordon.  Why those two characters don’t have their own books is beyond me.  And what about Lois Lane’s title?  I’d love to see that started up again!  So I kind of took my own interest to see books like that and channeled it into Supurbia.

WR: You’ve been working with Russell Dauterman for a while now.  How’s the process work with the two of you? How involved do you get in art decisions? Does your editor run interference or is there lots of back and forth between writer and artist?

GR: Russell doesn’t really need notes!  I’m very lucky that BOOM found him for Supurbia, as he’s not only a perfect fit with the material but with me.  We like all the same things!  Not just He-Man/She-Ra and Disney Animation, but even old vintage travel posters!  That kind of coincidence just blew me away, and explains a lot about why we’re able to click so well.  When we started, before I even knew who the artist was going to be, I drew up a guide for the look of each character – with reference pictures and notes – which was then given to Russell when he was brought onboard.  I then gave notes on the costumes and I give notes on the pages as they come in, but as I said they’re always very few.

WR: Obviously from your work at Bleeding Cool and Think about the Ink you love comics. But even a quick look at your website shows you have other interests as well. Was writing a comic always a dream you had?

GR: Yes!  I think most comic book readers, like most moviegoers, dream of contributing to the medium.  It takes time though plus a lot of patience and ingenuity.  And I’m still a big comic book reader – I love Wednesdays!

WR: So convention season is well upon us, which conventions can fans find you at this year?

GR: I’ll be at San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic Con – can’t wait!  I hope to get the chance to interact with as many readers and viewers as possible!  So come find me at the BOOM booth or roaming the floor for Bleeding Cool!

Grace thank you so much for taking the time to answer a few questions for my readers. I really enjoy your work and am looking forward to reading the rest of this series and can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

There’s a link to my review of Supurbia #1: Here

Grace Randolph’s Twitter: @GraceRandolph
Her webpage:

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