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Sitcomics Returns! Here Comes Blue Baron #2!


For 300 years the Blue Baron has fought the forces of evil. It’s been a long time since the Revolutionary War and he’s still going strong, not only fighting crime but doing so as the leader of team of super heroes known as Heroes Union! Middle School student Ernie Rodriguez is a nice kid, definitely not cool, definitely picked on. Heck he even participates in a Fantasy Hero League. When Ernie is on a field trip with his school he wanders into the wrong room and runs smack into a battle between his favorite hero Blue Baron and Liquidator the most amazing thing happens…


Blue BaronThe freaky friday aspect of this comic is obviously a fun hook. The idea of a 300 yr old super hero going to high school and a 13 yr old kid in a grown super hero body just lends itself to lots of great situations for comedy.

Okay I said it, the situation comedy, or sit-com, is the angle Sitcomics takes on comics. And it works really well. In the second issue both Eddie and The Blue Baron’s secret identity millionaire Cedric Carson are making the best of their new lives. Eddie, as The Blue Baron, has his first major battle with a super-villain and Cedric takes on the trials of high-school head on. Of course neither goes smoothly.

Seeing the job of a super-hero through a teenager’s eyes is fun, anyone who’s ever lamented the “poor me I have such a burden” attitude of many “tights & capes” books will enjoy the kid’s enthusiasm, and his resourcefulness. The reverse works as well. Having business tycoon Cedric Carson, who’s been super-heroing for 300 years as The Blue Baron, live the life of a modern 13 yr old is obviously a lot of fun.

The whole book is well written, even when a trope is hit head on, like when the hero trapped in teen’s body (and life) forms a plan to confront the high school bully, it’s done in an engaging way. Let’s face it, we watch sitcoms for a reason right? This series hits all the right chords, it’s a satisfying enjoyable read. And it’s just as family friendly as any sitcom you could watch at 8 pm on television.

Pick up a digital copy at and look around at some of their other titles. There are a lot of cool books to check out!


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