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Sitcomics Blue Baron #1 – Super Heroics Meet Freaky Friday Antics!


Sitcomics Blue Baron #1 - Super Heroics Meet Freaky Friday Antics!

For 300 years the Blue Baron has fought the forces of evil. It’s been a long time since the Revolutionary War and he’s still going strong, not only fighting crime but doing so as the leader of team of super heroes known as Heroes Union! Middle School student Ernie is a nice kid, definitely not cool, definitely picked on. Heck he even participates in a Fantasy Hero League. When Ernie is on a field trip with his school he wanders into the wrong room and runs smack into a battle between his favorite hero Blue Baron and Liquidator the most amazing thing happens…

From the title of this piece I’m sure you know what the amazing thing was, 13 yr old Ernie is now in the body of a superhero and Blue Baron (and of course his alter ego) is in the body of a 13 yr old boy. From there on in you’d be right to assume the usual hijinks. But there were more than a few good surprises in its 64 page premiere issue, Ernie’s interactions with the members of Heroes Union (and their enemies) and Baron’s interactions with Ernie’s family were both pleasantly off-beat and well done. Body switching is a trope for sure, but Sitcomics is built on that very idea, calling themselves “an indie comic book publishing company that gives popular comic book genres a sitcom twist.” They achieve that goal admirably. Blue Baron #1 is fun, funny, and has some great art work. That last bit can not be understated. Sitcomics got their hands on some serious talent, with pencils by Ron Frenz, inks by Sal Buscema, and colors by Glenn Whitmore, all three of which have worked on numerous Marvel and DC titles. That makes sense though as veteran TV writer Darin Henry serves as writer and Sitcomics is in fact his brainchild. A TV writer since 1995 (and producer since 2001) he’s written for Futurama, Seinfeld, The Ellen Show, and more recently Shake It Up, I Didn’t Do It, and K.C. Undercover for Disney, so obviously he’s got the chops to do sitcoms, but can he do comics?

This is the first issue of any Sitcomics title I’ve read but if he can keep the stories this interesting, and this tightly written he may have found a new niche.


Sitcomics will be available starting July 13th on comixology, you can also find their titles at

Currently only Blue Baron #1 and Super Suckers #1 ( with Betty and Veronica artist Jeff Schultz) are available, Z-People and Telepathic should be released soon. The second wave of titles shoud be announced in the coming weeks and we’ll keep you posted, as well as review whatever we get our hands on.

Want to see some of the art from Blue Baron and the other Sitcomics titles? Click over to their Facebook page.

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