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The Sire – An Indie Character Made For The Bigtime!



Yup, I said it The Sire – An Indie Character Made For The Bigtime! wasn’t an exaggeration, Mike Dolce has created a character, hell a mythology, that would fit in any current comic universe perfectly, with hardly any retooling necessary.

I know that’s a pretty bold statement but hear me out.

First the plot:

Donald Wright was a lowly assistant looking for a way to impress his boss, when his life was changed forever! Now he’s the SIRE, a superhero transformed against his will, forced to fight evil by his own costume. When the very same alien energy force connected to his costume begins wreaking havoc on the globe, it’s up to the SIRE to uncover the truth and somehow save the Earth from a technology mogul hell bent on its destruction!

So Donald is minding his own business when he’s struck, seemingly at random, by this mysterious energy. When the smoke clears he finds himself in a superhero suit, and the suit has an agenda. Seems the suit knows who it wants to go after and where they are, and if Donald doesn’t go along for the ride it’s going to hurt.

If that were the whole story it wouldn’t be all that, I mean we’re all comic book fans here right? I know at first blush it’s very reminiscent of the Symbiote that Spider-Man brought home from Marvel’s Secret Wars. The Sire isn’t as simple as that. The other super-powered beings the suit is targeting? They have a shared history. It’s in that shared history that the story really ramps up. I don’t want to spoil the story, but I will say the connection between The Sire and his adversaries really makes the story.

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So we’ve got a hero, villains, a big bad, a love interest, and all of it wrapped up in some really fine artwork. The plot and visual storytelling flow really well, the first eight issues tied up the first story arc nicely. It’s interesting to note that though the writer (Mike Dolce) and artists Daniel Leister (Hack/Slash) and Kris Carter (Grimms Fairy Tales) have worked on Zenescope and Image titles this series has a feel all its own.

I’m interested in where the story goes from here, I know Mike is working hard to get us the next chapter.

I picked up the trade from a signing at Enigma Bookstore in Astoria Queens, it includes all eight current issues and the story works really well in that format. The series is also available, in print, at Mike’s site and three of the eight are available digitally at ComiXology. They even have the first issue for 99 cents!

The Sire TPB Volume 1
Cover by Jim Califiore
Written by Michael Dolce
Art by Talent Caldwell, Tyler Kirkham, Daniel Leister, Jose Holder & More
Published by After Hours Press
160 Pages Full Color
Price: 14.99

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