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Silver – Crime Story? Vampire Story? Both? NYCC’14 Reviews


Different things attract my eye at a convention. Sometimes the banner, something on the table, maybe it’s the exhibitor talking up his project. With Silver it was a print. Right on the corner of the table. A gypsy woman, maybe Transylvanian, maybe Romania, full-bodied, ruffled skirts, dancing. The whole image was black & white, except that dress. It was blood-red. And it literally pulled me across the room.
After studying the print I began to examine the table. Graphic novel, huge black and white banner, the art is kind of Mignola – esque and yet the lines tend to be clean almost cartoony in the character designs.

This one I need to read…

Silver - Crime Story? Vampire Story? Both? NYCC'14 Reviews


Hamilton Morley by Stephan Francks NYCC’14

Stephan Franck was a lovely person to meet, when I picked up the trade he not only offered to sketch in it and sign it he also chatted at length while doing so. A chat that brought out an interesting fact, Mr. Franck was the Supervising Animator on The Iron Giant (which just happens to be hands down my favorite animated movie ever), this is one of those “reasons to go to comic conventions”! The chat was a pleasure, but on to the review!

The story opens in New York 1931, the Harker family is auctioning off some very beautiful pieces of silver. Family heirlooms. Just the kind of situation that would attract James Finnegan. Before we even meet Finnegan he tells us “The simple truth is, there’s only two kinds of objects in the world…The one’s that shine and the one’s that don’t”. One guess which he prefers?

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So the master thief commits the crime and gets away seemingly scot-free but there are… complications. Now he’s decided he needs one more big score and he’s using a journal he acquired at the Harker home and the secrets it holds to pull it off. What secrets you ask? Well there in lies the plot! The story is a compelling crime story, and the horror is wonderfully realized in the art. The plot moves nicely but I will admit though it collects 3 chapters (issues) of what I’m assuming is a limited series, the third chapter ends right at a story beat that leaves you wanting to go buy the next issue right now.

Want a little more? Well you know I don’t do spoilers, so here’s the trailer that’s available on the Dark Planet Comics site:

This is Stephan Franck’s debut comic, though you wouldn’t know it. His experience as a writer and director shows. This is a perfectly written Crime/Vampire mash-up, beautifully drawn, excellently executed. I can’t wait for the next chapter! 5 out or 5 stars. Buy this one.

Check out Silver at the Dark Planet Comics site. And buy it digitally at comiXology.

Want it in print? Get to your local comic shop and ask for it!

Writer/Artist: Stephan Franck
Genre: Pulp/Adventure/Supernatural
Format: Trade Paperback. Black & White.
Page Count: 106
$12.99 USD
USBN: 978-0-9890386-0-7
IN STORE 11/12/14

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