Shinobi: Ninja Princess from Action Labs, home of Princeless! ~ What'cha Reading?

Shinobi: Ninja Princess from Action Labs, home of Princeless!


Action Labs is the home of all-ages girl power. They have given us Princeless and Molly Danger, and in just a few short weeks, we’ll get to meet another action girl added to their stable: Shinobi, Ninja Princess.

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Shianndrea is a 14-year-old ninja in training – but she’s also the daughter of the evil emperor of Japan. She’s on the run from him, but he wants her back and enlists the help of the Azumi clan to get her. Shianndrea and her strike team set out to spy on the Azumi, but her hot-headed (and more than a little chauvinistic) teammate, Hamasuke, decides to plow into the middle of things and get himself in hot water. It’s up to Shianndrea to bail them out and get back to their ninja camp safely.

I love that Action Lab recognizes a need for smart comics that portray young girls in a positive light. With more girls discovering comics and graphic novels these days, it’s important for them to see positive role models. Action Lab gives us princesses who can rescue themselves, 10 year-old action heroes, and now, ninja warrior princesses. We’re a diverse society, and it’s pretty fantastic to have comics address it. For me and every other little girl who watched SuperFriends and said, “Wonder Woman is awesome! What else have you got?”, this is a breath of fresh air.

Writer and artist Martheus Wade has a great potential title here – he gives us just a little bit of backstory, some action, and many, many possibilities. Let’s encourage books like this, folks. Shinobi: Ninja Princess hits shelves on August 20th. Add it to your pull lists now. Four out of five shuriken.

Writer: Martheus Wade
Artist: Martheus Wade
Publisher: Action Lab
Price: $3.99
On-Sale: August 20, 2014
Diamond ID: JUN140761

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