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Sherlocked USA Announced, Tickets On Sale!


Sherlocked USA 2017

So the city to host Sherlocked USA 2017 is L.A. May 26-28 2017 at the LAX Marriot to be precise. Now as an East Coast guy it saddened me a bit but it is understandable. Sherlock is after all a television show and while we do a lot of filming in NYC LaLa Land is still where the action is, with that in mind this was a logical choice. How does Sherlocked USA 2017 look? As a convention?

Ticket Pricing

The ticket prices for the three-day convention go from pretty reasonable to OH MY GOD I CAN’T PAY THAT MUCH! but that’s to be expected with a show that has such a rabid fanbase. The four ticket tiers lay out like most other shows. Standard Tickets go for $125, $75 for an accompanying kids ticket (one kids ticket per regular), Silver Tickets will run you $265, same $75 deal for the kids ticket, Gold Tickets are $595, and the VIP Ticket price is a whopping $2995. All tiers have the same accompanying kid ticket deal.

What’ya get for your dollars?

The tickets are all three-day passes and all give access to the talks (panels) that will be going on during the weekend. Levels of access differ as you spend more of course. Standard gets you in the door and live stream access of all panels in the secondary hall (and unreserved seating in the secondary hall). Silver gets you into the talks in the main hall, tickets to the Friday and Saturday night parties, and a better spot in line for autographs. Gold ups the ante by adding all guest autographs, better seating at talks and higher priority for autographs and photo ops. As well as all the Silver level stuff.

Alright what about the big one?

For almost three grand you assume it’s got to be pretty amazing right? I’m just going to copy the bullet list right from It’s pretty extensive.

  • Entry for Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • All Individual Guests Autographs
  • All Photo Shoots (including prop/set/group photos announced)
  • All Talks in main hall
  • Reserved Seat at the front in main hall
  • 1 x Friday Night Drinks Reception
  • 1 x Benedict Cumberbatch pre-signed autograph
  • 1 x Meet & Greet with two attending guests
  • 1 x Exclusive Sherlock print signed by attending guests
  • 1 x Photo Shoot on screen-used 221b Living Room set
  • 1 x Friday Night Party Ticket
  • 1 x Saturday Night Party Ticket
  • 1 x Sherlocked USA programme
  • 1 x Replica ‘Sherlock’ Prop Item
  • 1 x Sherlocked USA T-Shirt
  • 1 x Exclusive Sherlocked USA button and lanyard
  • Priority Queuing for Autographs and Photo Shoots
  • Dedicated VIP Lounge with refreshments for all three days

Granted guests haven’t been announced besides Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue, the show creator and producer respectively. If the London show is anything to go by the list will be extensive and worth the cost of admission.

The bottom line

Are you a super fan? If not I’d say this may not be the convention for you, the Standard Ticket, at $125, is a bit pricey just to get in the door. And the way they’re structuring the talks (panels) I can’t see how much seating is going to be available for walk-ins. If you are the type of fan that wants those autographs and photos then I’d say go for the gold! It get’s you up close and personal with all the guests and gets you a seat at any talk. Are you the type to go VIP? I tip my hat to you, I’d love to hear all about it after the show!

No matter how super a fan you may be you really should drop by and check out all the details, who knows if this will happen again!

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