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SHELTER DIVISION – The investigated become the investigators


SHELTER DIVISIONThe newest project from Salvagers creator Bob Salley stays in the realm of sci-fi but it ain’t no space epic, this is a cop book, a sci-fi book, an action book, this is X-Files meets Fringe, this is SHELTER DIVISION.

Shelter Division is non-stop action and fast paced plot development. It’s a roller-coaster ride for sure but the twist and turns are tight and a lot of fun. The story breaks down like this, Emrik Chaplin in an investigator for a government agency known colloquially as Shelter Division. He and his rather “Bigfoot” looking partner Biggs investigate a robbery that leads them into some “weird $#!+.” It’s a case full of brutal crimes and other dimensions!

Bob Salley is known for writing stories that are well plotted and have awesome dialogue and Shelter Division is no exception. He’s no slouch when it comes to picking art teams either. This time around he has art by Francesco Tomaselli, who has a muted soft color palette with the feel of a digital watercolor style that conveys remarkable depth, detail, and action with ease. There are some truly breathtaking panels. The lettering is by Hde Ponsonby-Jones, whose lettering choices are always on point and make a book more fun to read.

Well that’s a lot of positives huh? If your still on the fence about supporting an amazing indie book (why? why would you be like that?) I can offer you a bit more… How about some preview pages?


On February 13th a Kickstarter for the the limited run 24 page 1st chapter of Shelter Division launches, then later in 2017 the full volume 1 trade paperback will hit the stands under the Source Point Press banner, as well as on ComiXology, DriveThru Comics, and ComicBlitz. All the material to fulfill the Kickstarter is ready to go, it’s a safe bet on a solid book.

Get ready to find Shelter, maybe they can save us all…

Check out the Shelter Division Kickstarter page on Facebook, or get a bit more of the story by checking out the Source Point Press website where they’ve been posting some pages web comic style!

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