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She may be Wonder Woman but is she a Warrior?


urlThe news is all over social media this morning, Gal Gabot has been cast as Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman. Gal is best known for her role as Gisele, the cartel liaison who joins Dom’s side in the Fast and the Furious films.

She can definitely do action.

I like her a great deal as Gisele but can she play the warrior that Diana is? That I’m not so sure about. Wonder Woman is not an action film femme fatale. She is a warrior born and bred. She comes to Man’s World to teach us the way of peace but that doesn’t mean she has any intention of being gentle about it. In fact the Amazons definitely follow the “might for right” philosophy. She is far more dangerous than Superman or Batman because she will kill when necessary without blinking an eye.

Let’s face it she’s also, well, an Amazon. I imagine her to be over 6 feet and muscular, not tall and skinny like a supermodel, but if we’re being honest Linda Carter wasn’t physically all that warrior like either and she is still the ideal live-action WW.

I like that they cast a non-American in the role, Ms. Gabot is Israeli, as Wonder Woman would be closest to Greek in ethnicity. A little pigment to her skin would be helpful as well but it’s Hollywood so that’s just a pipe dream.

My biggest concern is not the role she’ll have in this film but the possibility of her starring in her own film. So many missteps have been made in trying to depict the Amazon on the large and small screen (anybody remember the Kathy Lee Crosby movie?) that I worry about a script being written for an actress rather than the character. I’m also not sure this actress can carry a film on her own.

I’m not trying to “Ben Affleck” her. I like her which is more than I can say for some of the other names bandied about. I hope she jumps in and shows us she can pull it off. Wonder Woman is a very meaningful icon, in many ways more so than the Bat or the Boy Scout. Any actress who takes on the mantle will have her work cut out for her. Here’s hoping Gal Gabot has the shoulders to carry it.

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