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Shannon Wheeler – from Too Much Coffee Man to “I Don’t Get It”


When I first started branching out from superhero comics in the ’90s, I found Too Much Coffee Man. Having a 12-cup a day habit of my own at the time, I felt like I needed to read this book, and sure enough, I loved it. When I saw that Boom was releasing a third collection of writer/artist Shannon Wheeler’s cartoons – a “best of” collection of cartoons Wheeler created for The New Yorker magazine that weren’t accepted for publication, I jumped at the chance to check it out.



The book is hilarious. A lot of the humor is subtle – they’re submissions to The New Yorker, folks, no slapstick here – and the wit is as dry as a martini. There were some cartoons that made me laugh out loud, and some that I had to re-read once or twice, to make sure I didn’t miss something (I did). It’s New Yorker with a dash of The Far Side for good measure, and it’s all Shannon Wheeler. And while you’re at it, hit Wheeler’s website once in a while – he’s got webcomics aplenty.


The book hits shelves on Wednesday, January 22nd. While you’re at it, pick up his other stuff, including his Eisner Award winner, I Thought You Would Be Funnier.

Writer & Artist: Shannon Wheeler
Publisher: Boom! Town
Price: $17.99
UPC: 978161398259451799
Diamond ID: NOV130881

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